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Punkbuster is still useless

This is a discussion on Punkbuster is still useless within the Online/Network Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Sup! My last thread was last year, I -think- around November, complaining about CPU throttling problems in BFBC 2. Since

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My last thread was last year, I -think- around November, complaining about CPU throttling problems in BFBC 2.
Since it's not something I can solve, I shelved the game for a while. I haven't changed anything on the PC since then but wanted to see if the problem was still there (Better drivers, yadda yadda).

So I go in, I find 1 server. PLay 5 minutes, BOOM Hardware ban. I'm like okay, I forgot to update the game and punk cr*p client. Because, you know, 2011. How dare I expect it to auto-update.

Regardless, I did it. Game and punkbuster both ages behind the new versions.
After I updated, went back in, and insta-booted with another hardware ban message.

So riddle me this. I have a hard case of the game, the CD key is inside and I haven't played at all since November or so of last year when the CPU throttling problem ruined the game play so much I said F that.I also haven't felt the need to cheat in BFBC 2 even in November and before, so I'd love to see the rationale behind "This guy hasn't even touched his game for half a year let's global hardware ban him".

They can't catch the real cheaters. Ever. This is the second time they blocked me from a game I have a right to play that I did not cheat on. 2006, Warrock was the first. Lots of false bans, lots of hate sites for this thing, why don't they learn, or change their stuff?
Worst part is, their worthless EULA - they think - makes them immune to everything. What logic is "We think you cheated, you are banned, f you and we will never show you proof why?"

I sent a ticket to them but rarely do they ever reply, and even more rare is a reply with substance. They just usually throw their standard message in and REFUSE to tell you why you got your ban.
For those not in the clear : A hardware GUID ban should be illegal. Because it assumes you cheat, which while even if you do - transfers to other games.

Let me put it this way. You have 5 PB games, and you cheat (or in my case, DON'T) on one of them. A hardware ban just means "Whelp you lost 5 games" . PB will not let you play ANY of the OTHER games you BOUGHT and OWN. Seems highly, highly illegal to me. Lawyers will be involved if they don't reverse this soon, but until then - and this is what the thread is for...

....is there anything I could do until or besides hoping for a futile excuse reply to my ticket on their site?

Edit: Last OCTOBER actually >.>
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