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This is a discussion on Online Ping Issue within the Online/Network Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hey everyone. I built a new computer back in August and I started playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 whenever I

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Hey everyone. I built a new computer back in August and I started playing Battlefield: Bad Company 2 whenever I had some free time. In the beginning, everything ran great. I also played several other online games and had very few complaints. However, over the past few months, I have been having horrible connection issues. Occasionally, I would find a night where I did not have the problem, but I cannot even do that recently.

My problem is that I can find and ping servers with decent results, but as soon as I join the server, my ping skyrockets and, in some cases, it almost seems like my bandwidth has been drained. To elaborate on this, I decided to get creative one day. I opened up my command window and started pinging a Counter-Strike: Source server that I play on at times. I should note that I use the -t command so I can continuously ping throughout the whole process. When I start pinging, I usually get times ranging from 80-110ms. I know this is not great, but for my internet connection, this is really good.

I then join the server and tab to the command window. Now, I should note that this next part usually happens immediately, but occasionally I can play for several minutes before it starts. What happens is that my ping in game continues to rise until it reaches the maximum displayable ping. When I look at the command window, I can see where the time rises into the thousands and then times out after that. My ping will stay like this and will not lower by as much as a millisecond.

When I exit the game, it takes a few minutes before I can ping the server like normal again. Additionally, it seems to affect the rest of my internet usage on my gaming computer. For example, just a minute ago, I exited the game and tried surfing this forum. My desktop was taking forever to bring up pages but my MacBook Pro was opening pages as if I had my full bandwidth.

I ran a virus test with AVG Free 2011 and a test with Malwarebytes and I got nothing. I even tried uninstalling these programs and turning off my firewall to see if one of them was the culprit, but this proved futile.

I am hoping that somebody here will hold the key to me solving this issue without having to reformat.

Oh, and since you seem to ask for this in other threads, I have taken the liberty of running a speed test and a ping test. The results are as follows:

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My System

I seem to have solved my problem. It appears that it was caused by me connecting to my router wirelessly, as I have not had the issue since I plugged in my LAN cable. However, I am not sure why my wireless would have suddenly stopped working.
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My System

Hey mate,

It could be anything such as interference from another signal, cross-talk, a weak wifi signal or your PC is just too far from the router.

Ethernet cables hold signal strength much better so I'd stick with the new setup.

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