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Game says my ping/FPS is good, even though it isn't

This is a discussion on Game says my ping/FPS is good, even though it isn't within the Online/Network Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. A game called TagPro has been performing very strangely for two or three months now. I have an HP Envy

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A game called TagPro has been performing very strangely for two or three months now. I have an HP Envy TS m6 Sleekbook, running Windows 8.1.

I mention the game because 1) It's not exactly Call of Duty. It's a multiplayer online game, but it's browser-based and about as low-tech as a game can be these days; and 2) the game is kind of famous for lag, though I don't think anyone has brought up this particular issue.

If I haven't given it away already, I'm not all that great with computers, so I'll do my best to explain. Some of this info may be completely irrelevant. If everyone else in the game is running, I'm running around in a foot of water, so to speak. It can be stuttery, but it always just feels about a quarter of a second off. It's playable, but not at any real skill level. I first noticed it when many players were complaining about FPS, but I was told that my problem sounded more like a ping issue.

The thing is, the game displays ping and FPS in the corner at all times, and it's about what you'd hope for. 60 FPS, and never more than about 50 ping. And it's steady, too. You can also see the ping of all of the game's servers on the home page, and that varies wildly. The best ones can be about 30, or they could be 300. Refresh and it's something else entirely. Even if my ping is bad, it's pretty consistently bad, so I doubt that's accurate either.

I've tried a bunch of stuff. I've complained enough to Time Warner that they've come to my apartment twice, probably quadrupled my speed, and replaced my modem. Someone remotely took control of my computer and did something or other with my router settings. I signed up for AT&T, noticed the same issue, and cancelled immediately. (For reference, I still use Time Warner).

The last time they were here, they pinpointed my router as the problem, but directly connecting to the modem results in only a slight improvement. Using wifi nearly cuts my speed in half. Recently, I've been getting even higher ping and intermittent packet loss over wifi. And while that isn't a problem if I go wired, it's still pretty bad either way.

For browsers, I've used IE, Firefox, Opera, Coowon, and several different versions of Chrome, to no avail.

I've refreshed or reset my laptop completely on at least two occasions.

I've done a couple of those ping fixes you see on youtube. Deleted my temporary internet files, leatrix latency fix, stuff like that.

Doing a traceroute through WinMTR results in the first hop having no loss, then every other one having about 90%. On every website. I know that doesn't make any sense (my internet is great, with one glaring exception), but is that a known problem by any chance? Maybe it's symptomatic of something else equally stupid?

So by my logic, that rules out the router, modem, ISP, browser, software and hardware (I'd played the game on my laptop for about nine months before without incident). I don't know what else it could be. I've considered the apartment itself or the wiring outside being the culprit, then quickly chose to stop considering it, since it's depressing. I've racked my brain, and can't think of anything that changed around the time I started having issues. Is there any known problem that leads to misleading ping or FPS displays?

Anyway, I really appreciate you reading through all of that. Feel free to call me a literal crazy person, because I'm about 60/40 on it right now.
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