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FPS Issues with EQ2 & FFXIV

This is a discussion on FPS Issues with EQ2 & FFXIV within the Online/Network Gaming Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Whenever I play EQ2 or FFXIV I have to turn the graphics way down for even a decent, consistent framerate,

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Old 09-17-2011, 09:28 PM   #1
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Whenever I play EQ2 or FFXIV I have to turn the graphics way down for even a decent, consistent framerate, but maxed I always have issues. Even on lower settings I definitely can notice the latency when moving or selecting things, and always have, yet games like WoW and Rift I don't have an issue with running maxed. I know WoW isn't great graphically, but Rift is superior than WoW and EQII's graphics.

We have DSL at my house (a paltry 160kb/s), but are soon going to be getting cable through Comcast (around 15MB/s). My computer is capable of running all these games maxed, and offline games with similar or better settings than even FFXIV doesn't have issues offline. Can your internet connection improve stability? Ignoring router ports and such, would 15MB/s data run a game better than 160KB/s? I don't know anything about networking at all. I know game data is saved on the HDD for these games and not online, but it's still streaming. I'd think that a faster data connection would mean the data would stream better with the games that are graphically superior, meaning less latency on the higher settings.

Bar my internet specifically, I can't think of anything else. Are there specific ports I should open on my router for EQ2 and FFXIV that would improve my connection? I don't have a firewall on my computer, but I do know that when WoW patches the patcher does say that a firewall is detected, which I know can also impede data.
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I play EQ2 as well, and the issues you're talking about likely have little to do with your internet connection. I played with people who used a satellite connection and aside from a few glitches here and there, it was fine for them.

EQ2 is a strange creature in terms of how it relates to other games. I don't claim to have all the knowledge, but a friend gave me a good reference point for it.

He compared it to a shooter where you load up a map, one that probably isn't hat big, and doesn't have a ton going on with it.
Versus EQ2 where a zone like The Commonlands, you don't load it all at once, and it is constantly pulling at your harddrive to render everything you come upon.

If you had an SSD I'm sure you'd see a marked improvement, or have a higher end cpu.
I'm personally buying a new computer and getting a CPU I wouldn't otherwise need to get (i7 2600) except that it will help me in regards to EQ2.

And EQ2 has better graphics than Rift, providing you can play with the settings up high enough. :)

Hope I made some sense!
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