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[SCP] Virtual Audio Device Problem

This is a discussion on [SCP] Virtual Audio Device Problem within the Windows 7 , Windows Vista Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Sorry if the SCP tag is confusing, I didn't want to cloud the thread title with Sound Control Panel. Anyways,

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Sorry if the SCP tag is confusing, I didn't want to cloud the thread title with Sound Control Panel.

Anyways, here's what happened:
  1. Install Virtual Audio Cable 4.11, everything works fine
  2. Uninstall Virtual Audio Cable 4.11 (Possibly incorrectly), in order to install VAC 4.12
  3. Open Sound Control Panel
  4. Select Recording Devices Tab
  5. Select Listen Tab
  6. Check 'Listen to this device'
  7. Unable to click 'Apply' or 'Ok'
  8. As a test, if the settings in a Virtual Audio Cable Line x recording device stay as default, 'Apply' and 'Ok' are usable
Note: All other non-VAC playback/recording devices work just fine.

I've sent an email to the VAC developers but they're slow as molasses, so now I'm stuck trying to figure why between uninstalling VAC 4.11 and installing VAC 4.12 the SCP is being so finicky? VAC has been uninstalled and reinstalled the proper way multiple times, sound drivers have been updated, uninstalled, and reinstalled. I'm at a loss here for what could possibly be causing the SCP to do this.

The OS is Win7 and the onboard sound is Realtek (I can't find the exact model on the Asus website, but the Asus drivers are being used). If any further details are necessary I will be more than willing to provide them.
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