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Dell Studio 1558 Laptop Freezing and Randomly Shutting-Down or Re-Starting

This is a discussion on Dell Studio 1558 Laptop Freezing and Randomly Shutting-Down or Re-Starting within the Windows 7 , Windows Vista Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hey Guys, I've had my Dell Studio 1558 Laptop (Windows 7) for around 2 years and 9 months. Iv'e been

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Old 06-23-2013, 12:16 AM   #1
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Hey Guys,

I've had my Dell Studio 1558 Laptop (Windows 7) for around 2 years and 9 months. Iv'e been having a fair few problems with it ever since I bought it.

This time it's been playing up mostly when Iv'e been facebook gaming within the last few weeks (more often anyway). Where it will just decide to freeze and becomes un-responsive where pressing even Ctrl+Alt+Del doesn't work. I'm forced to hold down the power button to force a shut-down and then start it up again. If my facebook game isn't open generally at the moment I don't tend to get problems.

Although prior to this over the last approx. month, my laptop was shutting down or restarting without warning. Sometimes it will still do this after freezing, it will just shut itself down and stay turned off until I power it back on or restart itself instead. Twice within the last week or so it wasn't able to start up properly and attempted to do a 'system restore' but failed. But after that it was able to start up again. A few times when it shut down and I had to press the power button a few times because it kept powering down instantly each time I pressed the button.

I've had to send it away twice already once for a dead Hard Disk Drive needing replacing and the other time for the fan/heat sink needing replacing. Both times before I had trouble with this laptop randomly shutting down or restarting (rarely freezing though). When my HDD failed my computer was unusable and wouldn't start at all, and when my fan/heat sink was failing my laptop would be boiling hot to the touch and would often shutdown before even reaching the log-in screen and the CPU usage would be through the roof.

Both problems were fixed so I have both a new HDD and fan/heat sink, so my computer doesn't heat up and can turn on properly, so these should no longer be a problem. Any ideas what it could be this time? Idea's on how to try and fix the problem myself or figure out what it is?

If you can help me thanks heaps
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Old 06-23-2013, 01:42 AM   #2
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Hello lilkimmy2468

How many other programs/browser tabs do you have open when you are playing these Facebook games? It seems possible that you are trying to get your laptop to do too much. From what I can see the Dell Studio 1558 laptop comes with 4GB of memory, which may sounds a lot, but once you are running a few programs and resource heavy programs (especially on the memory such as Facebook games), it can slow down your laptop, possibly creating the issues you have.

If you are only running your browser with one tab open, you may have a memory issue, so you may have to run a memory test/diagnostic, depending on your answer to the above.

I will say that it sounds like your laptop needs some general care and attention, when was the last time you run a disk defrag or disk cleanup? How do you normally use your laptop, does it sit on a flat side where air can circulate easy? We may need to run some extra repairs/checks to make sure everything is working correctly, the last thing you need is to do a system restore but then find that fails for some reason, disastrous.
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This article Is your PC running slow...? | Tech Support Forum should have good information for you.


Disk Cleanup
> Click the Start globe/button.
> Type and enter disk cleanup into the search bar.
> A window should appear with the option 'C:' selected, click ok.
> After it has scanned, click on the Clean up system files button and it will do another scan.
> In the window, select all the checkboxes you can, this will cleanup a bunch of files for you.
> Click on the More options tab and then the Clean up... button in the section for 'System Restore and Shadow Copies'. This may take a while.
> Once you can, click the Ok button and it will delete some other temp files.

Windows 7 comes with a default one but I suggest you download a third party one, such as defraggler. Install and defrag your drive(s).

Memory Test
> Click on the Start globe/button.
> Type and enter into the search box mdsched.
> Select one of the options to run a memory test, either by restarting now or when you restart your laptop next time.

Hard drive/disk check
> Click on the Start globe/button.
> Type into the search box cmd, right click and run as Administrator.
> Enter the command chkdsk c: /r.
> When prompted, input Y to answer yes to running the check next time you restart.
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My System

Also try cleaning out any dust from the air vents with a can of compressed air.

Virus Help
Ubuntu Live CD
PC Running Slow?
Remember dust buildup in your PC can be a killer!!
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Old 06-26-2013, 11:44 PM   #5
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@Stephen Bowles

Thank you for replying

Usually when the freezing happens I will have between three and maybe 10 browser tabs open in Chrome. Generally I will have maybe one program open at the time which is iTunes. Iv'e tried only having one tab open and no other programs and the problem still happens and I am forced to hold in the power button to force it off. Iv'e tried switching browsers to Internet Explorer and the problem still persists. I also avoid restoring Google chrome after booting my laptop back up and going back into my browser as that tends to cause it to freeze much sooner.

Before posting here I'd done a basic disk clean up/ disk defrag/ and virus check with our purchased virus software 'Viper'. The computer was clean of any viruses and such. I noticed that after doing the disk clean up and defrag that my system ran much faster and it took a bit longer to freeze up, but still did freeze. It doesn't tend to freeze unless i'm playing my facebook games, or have them running in the background.

My laptop should have no air circulation problems, as within the last year or so I have had a 'deep cool' external fan sitting underneath it all of the time on a flat table surface.

I did all of what you suggested and did all of those disk clean up's, I downloaded and installed 'defraggler' and encountered a problem. I tried defragging multiple times with that program and each time it reached 2% the laptop froze and became un-responsive (it was the only program open at the time too). Alarmingly enough my laptop wouldn't turn on properly for awhile after that. Where either I would press the power on button and my keyboard would light up and I could hear it start up and then it would turn right back off each time I did this simultaneously. Or it would turn on and I could hear it running and the keyboard would light up, and the screen would look turned on but still black-ish, and then it would crash. So I left it for a bit and thankfully it started, and after that little scare I backed up my laptop before resuming testing.

I did another 'Windows 7' defrag since the other just will not work without making my laptop freeze. I did the memory test 'mdsched' twice which found no problems both times. And I just finished doing the 'Hard drive/disk check' which took a good few hours. Is there anywhere that I have to check on my system to get the results for that Hard drive/disk check? Or because it didn't come up with anything after re-starting it was clear?

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