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Using Kingston USB stick as RAM

This is a discussion on Using Kingston USB stick as RAM within the RAM and Power Supply Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hey, I have 4GB RAM on my laptop but I keep running out of memory, I am trying to use

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I have 4GB RAM on my laptop but I keep running out of memory, I am trying to use my USB stick with readyboost - I have it set to "Use this device" and 4092mb allocated.

Nothing is showing up in the computer properties shows 4gb RAM installed as well as the task manager - Should it be showing the USB / Readyboost RAM in these?

Would there be any reason the stick wouldnt work as RAM? It is working fine for file transfers etc.

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You're a little confused as to what ReadyBoost does. It does not use a USB thumb drive as RAM. When ReadyBoost is enabled, Windows stores Superfetch data on the thumb drive which effectively frees up system RAM, thus possibly speeding up the system.
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thus possibly speeding up the system
"Possibly" being the operative word. ReadyBoost never panned out to be the performance enhancer many hoped for - except for systems with a tiny amount of system RAM.

While 4GB of RAM is not considered a lot these days, it is not a small amount by any means. ReadyBoost is really for systems with a small amount of RAM - like 1GB or less. And in fact, because the USB interface is so much slower than RAM itself, and because memory sticks are no speed demons either, you might actually be degrading performance by using ReadyBoost.

See Is Windows ReadyBoost Worth Using? and note the conclusion,
In summary, ReadyBoost probably wonít improve your computerís performance much. If you have a very small amount of RAM (512 MB or so) and a very fast USB drive, you may see some increase in performance Ė but it isnít even guaranteed in this situation.
If me, I would not use ReadyBoost. If I was running 64-bit Windows, I would increase RAM to 8GB instead - if the notebook supported it.
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