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Suspected PSU problem

This is a discussion on Suspected PSU problem within the RAM and Power Supply Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi everyone, Does anyone know how to test for a *DYING* (not yet totally dead) PSU? Because I suspect mine

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Hi everyone,

Does anyone know how to test for a *DYING* (not yet totally dead) PSU?

Because I suspect mine is dying.


1) Random PC freeze during lightweight activities e.g. browsing sites, checking mail.

2) Sometimes when I power on the PC, the fans spin, the power LED is on but the system fails to post. Need to retry several times, while I hope and pray that it boots.

3) Sometimes it freezes while Windows (Vista) is loading, i.e. that black screen with a progress bar.

4) Freezing within minutes after successfully booting into desktop, while doing nothing. (This rules out a heat problem)

5) Freezing in BIOS!!! Hit DEL, entered BIOS, and freezes while navigating the menu with the keyboard.

6) Freezing before or during POST. For example, the first words you see on your monitor are that of your video card type and VGA BIOS version/year. My system froze there before it proceeded to detect for drives and devices.

This is frustrating and annoying, and now I have the phobia of turning off my PC when it boots up and is running successfully for quite a while (about 10 to 20% chance). Because I simply do not know if I can turn it on again the next time.

P.S: Inside Windows, the freeze does not have a BSOD. The mouse cursor just stops moving, and in any text input field the keyboard cursor stops blinking.

Details on my PC:

DIY, purchased in Feb 2008.
Mobo: Abit IP35 Pro
RAM: 2x 1Gb DDR2 RAM (I took out one stick to eliminate the chances of a bad RAM and lower power draw)
CPU: E8400, using stock Intel cooler
PSU: 620W Coolermaster
Drives: 2 x HDDs (500Gb+1Tb), 1 DVD-writer. All SATA.

Windows Vista Home Premium, with SP2 and all updates
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OS: Vista HP SP2

Two more pieces of information:

1) Video card is Xpertvision (now Palit) Geforce 8800GT. Back in the day it was a decent mid-range card. It draws power from the front end, from a standard video card power connector.

2) Remember, I have 2 hard disks? 1 of them is for storage. Sometimes, when the system is idle or while I'm gently browsing the web, I try to view the contents of the storage secondary drive. The HDD LED would stay on for a few seconds and then I hear small 'tick' sound (this is not the 'click of death' sound) before it enters the drive. Now, before you suspect it's a disk problem, the similar 'tick' sound happens sometimes when I try to open/empty the Recycle Bin.
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My System

That sounds like your motherboard has bad capictors. See link below to identify what your looking for.

Badcaps.net - How To Identify
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