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This is a discussion on Electrical Help within the RAM and Power Supply Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Dear mates of this forum today my power supply on my laptop didnt work , i looked at the back

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Old 05-19-2007, 12:03 PM   #1
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Dear mates of this forum
today my power supply on my laptop didnt work , i looked at the back of the computer and saw one of the wires ripped off , my original adapter which was given to me with the laptop , was already stuffed up ,it was fixed with a adittional head ( the thing which goes in the latop) that head had actaully 4 other heads (including it) and it was cut of from somewhere and attached to the original laptop adapter , now when it ripped up today , i removed the tape and got the head and went to the shops to buy another one. I bought one that looked the same of a battery charger thingy that was less then a 1$ , i cut it off and stuck it on the adapter , the head was a little bigger , but it fit into the laptop , when i turned on the laptop , it didnt work , then i changed the way of the wires touching the adapter , and put it in , the lights of the laptop worked , but when i press the button the normal laptop lights turn on then turn off? Any reason why?
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Messing\bodging such connections like that is a fire risk waiting to happen TBH, I strongly suggest sourcing another complete unit to connect for your own personal safety and and safety of your equipment as you could fry it messing with such things, you can't just plug any old thing in, it has to be rated for the equipment, if you reply with your make\model we can try to help you find a replacement if you like.
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I agree with 8210, apart from the fact that you may have already caused damage by incorrectly wiring the plug (possibly reversing polarity which isn't a good thing for the laptop) the wires need to be properly soldered and then insulated from each other in order to avoid problems down the line.

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The primary issue to fix is that the plug (on the power adapter) doesn't fit the jack (the part that should be soldered to the mobo. You need to google search on "dc jack your laptop model". Check the hits. One of first few should take you to a site that gives the specs of the dc jack in the form of inside and outside dimensions. With that measurement, you can buy a replacement for the adapter.

After that, you need to check to see if the jack itself is moving. If it is you'll need to buy a new one and have it soldered to the mobo. Some laptops have the dc jack soldered to a small power board that screws on the mobo. If yours has one of these, you might not have to do any soldering. The chances that you haven't damaged the mobo are fairly good. Laptops use a reversing diode to prevent damage from reversed polarity
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Thanks maties for your time and your effort to help me out.
Well today i figured out that the wire i had put on was too long , and i said ill shorten the wire see if that works , well it did , i know the risk of fire maybe high , but ill take my chance , even if the computer gets stuffed up its old and its given to me by a mate ;) might buy a new one anyways.
But after it worked ,the computer turned on , and it kept restarting , now i already wanted to post a thread about this on this forum , because my friends computer did the same thing (ill post in a sec) , but when i was trying to help him , i read somewhere that you can use windows disk to help you repair , now i tried it , (btw im noobie) , and it didnt work , i said stuff it , ill try rebooting one more time without anything and wala , it worked ;) .
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