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Dies on Windows startup

This is a discussion on Dies on Windows startup within the RAM and Power Supply Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. First off I wanted to say thanks to everyone who is here to offer their support. I really wasn't sure

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First off I wanted to say thanks to everyone who is here to offer their support. I really wasn't sure which forum to categorize this in, so sorry if it's the wrong one.

My motherboard is a ECS HT2000.

I'll try to explain this all as clearly as possible. I am fairly knowledgeable and a quick learner, but I don't know technical terms for certain things.

My issue began about two weeks ago. I started up my computer, and received a screen asking me how I would like to start windows (safe mode, with networking, etc)

I tried to start it normally, and it started to load windows, then crashed. No noises, no delay, just instantly dead.

I started it up again, and went through all options, and finally got it to load by loading my last good settings.

It was a couple days later before I shut it down again, and when I started it back up, it gave me the same problem. Only this time I couldn't get Windows to load at all.

I had just recently backed up all my files, so I decided to just give re-installing windows a shot. And it worked. For about 8 hours, then it died again.

I attempted to reinstall and partition things differently, etc, and it never made it all the way through the installation. It would normally die right after the disk was formatted.

So, I opened the case and cleaned things out. I cleaned the heatsink cooler, but I didn't get into where the exhaust fan is because I didn't think that was the issue.

Nothing worked, so I decided it was my hard drive. I ordered one and some new memory and it arrived today. I did the switch, and was installing Windows, and it died again right after being formatted.

I was looking around online at some other help forums to see if anyone had this issue before. One thing I saw said to disconnect non-essential stuff, so I did.

Well, I disconnected a power supply on accident, and I can't figure out which way it went in (stupid, I know)

There is a blue wire that goes to the led light around my power button, then a red one labeled "SW"

So, I have a major problem, and a minor problem, and I'm at a complete loss for what to do next.
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By sudden crash I assume you mean a loss of power, as if someone just unplugged it from the wall. This could be 2 things I think, either the power supply or the motherboard.

If you have another power supply on hand I would try using it and see if the crash occurs.

As for the switches you would have to refer to the manual that came with the motherboard or look on the manufacturer's site for a digital copy of said manual.
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Yes, by crash I mean loss of power.

I'm not sure if it would make a difference, but I am using the same power supply with a different setup and it works fine. I do not have another power supply, but would it work to switch it with the one to my monitor?

Would I be able to find the manual to the motherboard online? I'm on an ancient pc at the moment, so I'm trying to avoid having to go through the hour long labor of downloading adobe reader.

Any general idea of what way the power cords are supposed to go in? They both go on a small patch of prongs, I'm just not sure which position.
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