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Computer completely dies? Does this have to be a PSU problem?

This is a discussion on Computer completely dies? Does this have to be a PSU problem? within the RAM and Power Supply Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I have a perplexing problem here. I am working on a machine that is having some strange issues. So, get

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I have a perplexing problem here.

I am working on a machine that is having some strange issues.

So, get the PC in, XP machine, for office use. Using onBoard graphics, 512MB RAM, 3.00Ghz Intel cpu. Mobo is a PM800-M2 rev. 1.0.

It came in with a 550w iBest Gold PSU switching 20pin.

Replaced that PSU with a 480w Logisys switching 20+4pin.

So problem is, computer may boot normally once, can log into XP, open programs, is slow (way slower than 3.00Ghz desktop should be mind you, but could just be in need of defragging), but then 5-15 minutes in it will shut off randomly. Then it can be turned on and will last maybe 2-5 minutes once or twice, then it cannot be turned on at all.

This happens with both PSUs.

Does this have to be a PSU problem?

I was thinking it could be the motherboard, or RAM, but EVERYTHING shuts off. In past experience if it is motherboard, or RAM, or anything else fans + everything stays on, just the system won't boot. (here the system does boot though, at least initially). if cpu is overheating maybe it would cause total shut down? Everything is clean though...see no reason for overheating.

Did I just replace a bad PSU with another bad one?

What else could it be? A virus?

Not sure how to even check for that since the machine won't stay on very long.

Any suggestions, experience with this problem, etc... would be extremely appreciated.

Thanks in advance guys!


I think I just found a bent module on the mobo...not sure what it does unfortunately. It is surrounded by letters RAC. Maybe it is supposed to be bent? Any ideas?
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My System

Both of those PSU are about as low in quality as you can get.

Boot into the BIOS (system setup) by pressing [DEL] at the logo screen.

Once inside the BIOS go to PC Health Status and post the temp and voltage readings.
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