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XXCLONE the easy world of boot drive cloning

This is a discussion on XXCLONE the easy world of boot drive cloning within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Welcome to the kindergarten easy world of boot drive cloning. This project will demonstrate how to make an exact bootable

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Welcome to the kindergarten easy world of boot drive cloning.

This project will demonstrate how to make an exact bootable clone (copy) of your existing hard drive. After the cloning process is complete, you may select which ever drive you want to boot from in the future. You shall have the ability to boot from the original drive or the new cloned drive.

This process is uniquely desired for two reasons:

A) You wish to make a redunant copy of your boot drive as a safeguard against OS drive crashing / data loss. You can also clone a non-booting partition such as a data / programs content hard drive or partition.

B) If you have a computer system with a boot drive running out of space and you wish to install a new larger capacity hard drive but dont want the hassle of reinstalling your Windows Operating system and installing all your programs and data again. One of the great features of this program is it only copies actual data, byte by byte, it doesnt copy empty drive space.

A little info before we get started:

1) There is no need to mess with any jumpers on your hard drives either before the xxclone has begun nor after. In fact if you change your drive jumpers after the start of the cloning process you will infact only hinder the successful completion of the cloning process.

2) For best results dont clone a boot drive partition which has had third party software tasks executed on it; example Partition Magic etc.

3) There are no limits to the cloning parameters; example:
You can clone a larger drive to a smaller drive as long as there is sufficient space on the hard drive you wish to make the "target"

Lets begin:

Step 01: Go to www.xxclone.com / download section (look for download button on the left side of webpage)
Download the 30 day trial version of XXclone (test drive)
note: there is a freeware version also which has limited capabilities such as no incremental back-up. This feature is very useful for bi-weekly clone updating, its much faster as it only has to re-clone the changes since the last execution of the cloning process.

Step 02: After downloading the program, navigate to the location you downloaded the program to and click on the program installer.

Step 03: Upon completion of the program installation; go to Start / programs/ xxclone click on the xxclone.exe icon to launch the program.

Step 04: The main console will look like this

Step 05: Here you select the Source drive (red circle) this is the drive which you want to make a copy of; usually the source is your boot drive C:drive
Then you must choose the Target drive (blue circle) the target drive is the one you want to clone, this will be the new copy of your boot drive.

Step 06: From the main console you must also choose which type of clone you wish to make, the most common is a "Full bootable back-up" this option is choosen for the first time clone of your drive and "if" you want to make it bootable. This is the most common choice by far. (red arrow=Backup 1)

Step 07: Click on the "Cool Tools" Tab

In the "Cool Tools" section click on the "Make Bootable" button. The activation of this button will bring up this mini screen.

Step 08: Click on each of the three bootable options check mark boxes. (they are circled in orange)

Step 09: Optional step but a very useful one: Click on the "Make Quick Boot Diskette" (only if your system has a floppy drive; otherwise ignore this step) insert a blank floppy disk in your floppy drive then click on the botton to start the floppy disk creation shown here:

Step 10: Return to the Main Console after you have completed selecting all the choices we have discussed thus far.
click the start button (red circle) on the main page to begin the cloning process.

Thats the whole ball of wax! after the copying process is complete you will need to restart the computer. You do not need to change anything. Upon your first restart booting into the cloned drive; you should see a "Congratulations this is the first invocation of xxclone" you can now either begin using the cloned drive as your main boot drive for everyday use or you can use the clone for back-up purposes.

Now for future every day use:

Bascially there are two methods to access your cloned drive and or switch to the old boot drive.

A) reboot the computer with the Quick Boot Diskette inserted into the floppy drive (this is the easiest way) Upon booting you will get a choice which drive you want to boot into; the Original Source drive or the Cloned Target drive.

B) You can change your hard drive boot order in the bios prior to starting the boot process. This can also be accomplished easier by tapping F8 at the computer start up; tapping the F8 about once per second; this will bring up the bios Boot Loader the boot loader will give you a choice which device including optical drives to boot into, choose a hard drive and away you go!

Closing Summary

I suggest you print this out prior to starting your journey into cloning. If you have any trouble you may PM me for help or make a "New" thread in the Hard Drive section of Hardware. Numerous TSF staff members use XXclone frequently and can offer any assistance to review any step you may have missed.

We hope you enjoy this project; it will deliver you a peace of mind knowing that you have the ultimate back-up ready when your boot drive decides to take a vacation.

goodluck & enjoy
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