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Windows XP can't reformat hard disk

This is a discussion on Windows XP can't reformat hard disk within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Computer newbie here, I have a problem with a Western Digital 40 GB hard drive that's currently hooked up as

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Computer newbie here, I have a problem with a Western Digital 40 GB hard drive that's currently hooked up as a slave drive (it's always worked until now). The problem came when I needed my current Hitachi 60 GB drive for something else. I decided to put XP on my slave drive, and instead of redoing the installation, decided to simply copy the files over... I used Ranish Partition Manager, not knowing that it wouldn't work if the two drives weren't the same size... Needless to say, the copy didn't work, and now Windows thinks my WD HDD is 60 GB, and every time I try to reformat it, Windows give me an error at the end.

So how can I get Windows to recognize my hard drive for what it is so I can reformat it?
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Try using WD Datalifegaurd tools.

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I would try using a win98se "start-up" floppy disk. That disk has MS fdisk on it. If you dont have one you can get one from dootdisk.com

Prior to doing this I "strongly" advise you unplug the "good" drive that has your OS and files on.

Connect the "messed up" new drive to the cables using it as a master drive (jumper pins on drive")

Make sure bios is set to boot from "A" drive first

Put floppy drive in and boot computer

you should get a dos "A" prompt

enter FDISK at the prompt

that will bring up the fdisk utility

in the fdisk utility choose the options to delete primary partions & logical drives (it will warn you that will will lose all data :)
keep checking the summary option from within fdisk (option # 4) until when you choose the drive information option it will show no drives or partions found

At the end of this session the drive will be bare as hell / it will know nothing

now shutdown the computer

remove 98 start-up disk from floppy drive

Now reconnect the "Source" drive (the original which you owned first) leave source drive as master and set the new drive jumpers as slave.

put win XP drive in your CD-rom drive and boot from CD

Boot computer into win XP as usual / right click on "my compter" the menu will appear / click "manage" / then click drive management

you should see the newly purchased drive in there / select it and it should ask you to to partition and format the drive for use / do it

now download a free copy of XXClone (xxclone.com) its baby step easy
after you follow the instructions to install the program go into the program from the start/programs/xxclone and review all the info in the xxclone.chm section / that brings up the info with instruction on how to use the prog
not much really but the advanced options is a need to know thing which you must invoke

Clone your original "source" drive to the target (new drive)
when the system reboots after clonging / it will change your drive letter ID to boot from the new clone / be careful you dont confuse the drives at this point / its real easy to do

I personally reboot after cloning check things out but dont do anything to add or delete date or progs / then I reboot with my Source drive unplugged from power to be sure I have what I want done

I am not sure what happens with the unused space on you larger drive / you will probally need to use the disk management from within xp to format or partion or whatever so you can use that space ????? not sure

but XXclone CAN copy from a small drive to a big drive or a bigger drive to smaller drive if the file size will permit (i.e. if you are coping 4 gigs of data and OS info from a 60 gig drive you can clone this much data to an empty 40 gig drive)

these instructios are based on you knowing "stuff" if you ran the raniston prog I assume you do.

goodluck let us know how you make out

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