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Seagate Barracuda burnt circuit board

This is a discussion on Seagate Barracuda burnt circuit board within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I too have discovered that my FreeAgent external hard drive circuit board has had a meltdown. It is exactly like

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Old 12-27-2017, 02:00 PM   #1
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I too have discovered that my FreeAgent external hard drive circuit board has had a meltdown. It is exactly like the one Jake77 wrote about at


And his cure.

Mine I believe was caused by a broken off tab on the GoFlex Desk adapter power supply.
I had bought a USB to SATA adapter to try to get it to work, then I found this site and the cure.
My question is, can anyone here help me out with this ? I am no electronic engineer. Or at least some advise on where to take it to be repaired.

Thanks, Mitch
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My System

Here is a good site to start with. https://www.hddzone.com/ Read the FAQ's and the PCB Swap guide.
You cannot just buy any PCB, it not only has to be the same model# but the same firmware too. For a little more money you can send it off and they will match your PCB board. I would only do this if the data is critical, as you can buy a brand new drive for less.
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As long as the circuit board is the only one that is fried, replacing would help. If you're not comfortable around electronics, then this may not be the best option.

And as Spunk mentioned, the challenge is getting the exact firmware rev for your drive, there are ways to workaround this as well, but that involves building a separate cable and connect the HDD and run AT Commands, which is tough even for some techie folks.

If you want a working drive, fixing this one is way too expensive and involves trial and error and is simply not worth the effort unless you DIY. If the data is absolutely critical, check with the vendor of the drive if they can help you there since they might have a PCB with the exact firmware rev.
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@Mudbug42, can you upload a detailed photo of the component side of your PCB?

If you wish to replace the PCB, be aware that this will never work. Seagate's PCBs contain unique, drive specific, "adaptive" data in the serial flash memory IC. These adaptives need to be transferred from patient to donor. The following supplier provides a free firmware transfer service:

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Thank you all very much for your answers and insights. I am looking into getting a donor with my firm ware copied ti it. 50 bucks seems a cheap enough ransom for all my treasures on this drive.

I will report of my hopefully success.

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