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Same old data transfer question, new hitch.

This is a discussion on Same old data transfer question, new hitch. within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Here is the scenario: I have a 160GB internal Seagate hard drive that I would like to put into my

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Old 06-05-2005, 11:07 PM   #1
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Here is the scenario:

I have a 160GB internal Seagate hard drive that I would like to put into my Dell Dimension 2350 as an upgrade from a Maxtor 20GB drive that is currently in the Dell. I also have a freshly NTFS formatted 160GB external USB 2.0 hard drive that I will be using to make back-ups on the Seagate. I am running MS Windows XP Home Edition.

My question is:

How do get the OS and all of the other data from the Maxtor drive to the Seagate drive?

The hitches:

The case only has room for one internal hard drive according to the specs, (the specs say- for internally accessible drives: "one bay for 1-inch-high IDE hard drive"), so I think making the Seagate a slave, transferring the data, then switching the Seagate to master is out of the question. Also, with this solution, I worry about having the OS on two different drives, I've heard this isn't possible or, if it is, may be illegal.

I thought maybe I could ghost image the data to the LaCie external, then remove the Maxtor 40GB, install the Seagate 160GB, boot-up using the LaCie external then transfer the data to the newly installed Seagate internal, but I'm pretty sure my crappy model of computer won't allow me to boot from an external drive.

Any info given to help me through this situation would be greatly appreciated. I have searched the hardware forums a bit for an answer, but none of the threads seem to fit my specific situation. I saw the practically identical post below by Rivera Chaos, but again my situation is that I don't think I have room in my computer for two hard drives that I would need for a master/slave situation.

Thanks in advance.

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Can you ghost your current drive onto your external then install your new drive into a friends computer as a slave and ghost from your external onto your new drive, remove it and set it to master and install it into your computer
I have seen people just sit the second hard drive in a temporary position for ghosting, if you go this option you have to be very careful to not sit it on anything that can short out either the drive or the motherboard
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you dilemma is an easy one :)

download xxclone.com / sign up for a test drive / then download for free trial/
its baby easy / i could teach a kindergarten kid how to use xxclone / you can actually clone a drive while unattended!~

you can connect the drive and let it lie outside computer case until your cloning & transfer drive swap is over with

just take the sides off your box until the hard drive work is over / lay a magazine or something under your drive so you dont get static from carpet

in summary all you have to do is temporary connect the new big drive to your computer at the same time running the original as master boot OS / open xxclone and it all operates from within windows / no dos / just review what little info there is in the xxclone.chm info file located from within the start/progs/xxclone pay atttention to advanced tab you must check mark three things to have new big drive bootable

I would have the new drive partioned the way you want it before cloning

i cloned a 18 gig drive the other day in 10 minutes / i did just what you are doing ina bout 25 minutes start to finish

i agree with you about trying to boot to the external drive / if its usb / then usb doesnt function until windows is booted up / kinda hard to wait until booted up when the usb drive is the booteee


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The Dell 2350 will accept another HD but you will have to get another HD carrier for it and an IDE cable that will accept 2 drives, as the factory cable only has a single connector for one drive.

If you are just wanting to clone your original drive to the new one the drive doesn't necissarally have to be "fixed" in the case. The drive can sit in the case temporarily intill the clone is complete.

As far as cloning the drive. The HD manufacturer makes a disk utility that will transfer all data from your present drive to the new drive creating a exact replica or "clone" of the original. If the new drive was purchased as a retail box version, the software should be included with it along with a new drive cable that will permit 2 dives on a single IDE channel.
You can download the disk utility software here.
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Thanks for all your help!

All went smooth!

You rock!
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