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Reliable RAID 0 array?

This is a discussion on Reliable RAID 0 array? within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I had RAID 0 before for speed and it's definitely way faster but because of those flimsy SATA cables that

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I had RAID 0 before for speed and it's definitely way faster but because of those flimsy SATA cables that fall out if you breathe on them well one of the drive's cables fell out and it wouldn't boot, even plugging it back, the array had been cleared from the raid controller and it was a nightmare using software to piece each half file back together.

I was wondering, has anyone yet invented a RAID controller smart enough that when your flimsy SATA cables fall out and you try to boot, it doesn't clear the array so you can simply plug it back in and boot?

If not there's not a chance I'm ever considering RAID 0 until someone invents this essential feature (and/or SATA cables that lock in rather than loosely sort of hold onto the connector).

So does a cable falling out still result in a catastrophic corruption?
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Your cables should lock into place. If they do not, they are either not fully inserted or are faulty. I've never had one fall out on it's own. New cables even have a locking tab which must be pinched before you can remove the cable.
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