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Problem formatting SATA HD with a newly built pc

This is a discussion on Problem formatting SATA HD with a newly built pc within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. hey all, this is my first post - here goes! i have a computer networking degree, and have worked in

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Old 02-17-2005, 07:44 PM   #1
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hey all, this is my first post - here goes!

i have a computer networking degree, and have worked in the field. ive been fiddling with pc's for the past 10 years and built tons of PCs from scratch, and ive done fresh OS installs and reformats more times than i can count -including all the drivers and such. i started building my first SATA pc tonite and ran into trouble. ive searched the forums here, and they all give me the same answer - install the drivers for the SATA by pressing F6 at the start of the windows setup - which doesnt seem to be working.
i just bought an entire new setup online, received it today, and assembled it. for what its worth, here is the hardware i just got.
-shuttle XPC SB95P V.2 small form factor case (comes with power supply and MB. then you add the rest)

here is what i added;
-WD raptor 36g SATA 10k rpm
-corsair DDR2 twin2x1024-4300C3Pro (2 sticks of 512 each, PC2-4300, 533mhz) for a total of 1 gig
-P4 processor (model 550) 3.4ghz, 800fsb, HT technology, LGA775
-samsung 3.5 floppy
-plextor Serial ATA, model PX-716SA DVDr/CDrw
-ATI radeon X700pro video card (256mb GDDR3, pci express 16)

(i also ordered a WD 250 gig 7200rpm SATA harddrive that im going to use for personal files. i have not added it yet, as im waiting to get windows installed first. i am using the WD raptor 36 gig for system/OS files)

i got all the pieces from newegg.com except the case. they all came new, wrapped, and packaged nicely. i didnt open any of them until i started building the pc this morning.

anyways, heres the problem guys. PLEASE HELP. i have worked all day on this, and researched on the internet. i cant find out what the heck the problem is! here is what ive done

*boot up pc first time, went into setup, and arranged the boot order as follows
1- floppy, 2 - cdrom, 3 - hdd

*reboot with windows XP setup cd in cdrom

*got blue screen and selected "Setup windows XP" by pressing enter

*it showed my WD raptor drive, as a raw unpartitioned or formatted drive. i selected it to format. it gives me an option to do a NTFS quick format, or a NYFS format. i choose NTS format. it goes through the motions. i get the yellow horizontal progress bar. i can see it go from 1% to 100%. when it reaches 100% it goes to another screen that says;

"setup was unable to format the partition. the disk may be damaged.

Make sure the drive is switched on and properly connected to your computer. if the disk is a scsi disk, make sure your scsi devices are properly terminated. consult your computer manual or scsi adapter documentation for more information.

you must select a different partition for windows xp.
to continue, press ENTER."

ok? so, this harddrive is BRAND NEW OUT OF THE BOX. is it bad? i tried over and over. it wont finish the format without that error. so, i did research. i even did the F6 at startup and put in the floppy that came with the shuttle box/motherboard and installed the RAID driver (although i do not want to use raid, ive read you need this anyways). i just want to run 2 regular SATA hdd's. also, when i press del and go into setup, my bios does recognize my hdd, and i have all the settings how the should be for SATA in the bios setup. the 2 plugs are plugged in snuggly to the SATA drive. im stumped!

additionally, i cant find the SATA driver for the WD raptor SATA hdd. i went to westerndigitals website, and its not on there. this is the closest ive come on their site, but none of them are SATA drivers for the raptor HDD. its the datalifeguard tools, and a driver for the SATA controller card.

has anybody else run into this problem with SATA harddrives not formatting on a new install? or, do any of the pros know how i can get myself out of this hole?

thanks in advance!
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i have another question about this same machine as above. my old computer used IDE. i have about 100 gigs of video and MP3s that i want to transfer. how can i hook up my IDE drive to this machine and get it to work properly so that i can copy the files from the old drive to the new one? i do have an IDE plug on the motherboard, but im assuming i will have to have the machine setup for raid/scsi/sata of some sort to make these SATA's finally work, in which case the IDE wont work properly. im going on my 15th straight hour of trying to get these harddrives working properly in the setup. STILL no luck installing the OS :( actually, its not the installation of windows that im stuck on. its getting the drives configured so they will all work together (and getting them all formatted without errors).
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You do not have to do the F6 thing in you situation. Since the installation allows for you to format the drive and copy files to it, then Windows sees it and RAID or SCSI drivers do not need to be installed. I would try and set it up with the 250GB drive just to see if it will work. If it does, then download WD Data Life Guard tools (floppy version) and run a diagnostic against the Raptor drive. For me, Raptor drives are not known for reliability. In one year, I have had three bad Raptor drives. All different drives, at different times. Not fun in a RAID 0 array.
You should be able to connect the PATA drive to the IDE connector to transfer your data. Or an easier way would be to get an external USB HD enclosure.
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crazyjoe, many controllers offer basic INT-13 support for attached disks, but still require XP drivers. Case in point is my SIIG RAID controller here, I can recognize the array from DOS, since the controller BIOS supports INT-13 disk access. XP obviously requires the RAID drivers to recognize the disk array.
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