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Need HD Erased

This is a discussion on Need HD Erased within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I would like to erase my HD completely and I do not know how. Would someone please help me?

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Old 11-06-2004, 04:14 PM   #1
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I would like to erase my HD completely and I do not know how. Would someone please help me?
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What Operating System is on the drive and what type operating system do you want to put on it?
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If you have a windows 98 boot disk if you havn't you can download one here https://www.bootdisk.com/bootdisk.htm. Go into bios set boot priority to floppy and meke sure floppy is in floppy drive. After boot your options are
1. boot windows 98 with cd-rom support
2. boot without cd-rom.

Then just format c: ( or whatever your hard drive letter is)

then re-install your operating system... insert your operating cd and follow instructions.
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My System

Under XP, there is no way to erase the drive if you only have one drive on the one machine: You can't format the drive that has Windows installed on it, just your secondary drive. Lot of help that is, eh?
You'd have to use a third-party Disk Manager to erase an XP drive (or any NTFS drive for that matter). Besides, even if you did use windows to erase an XP drive, windows wouldn't let you re-install windows on it. You have to delete the partition first so the MBR goes bye-bye and windows thinks it's a "virgin" drive.

Fdisk (from a Win98 boot disk) will not work to erase an XP-formated drive (but if will for Win2k drives)

You can usualy get a copy of Disk Manager from your hard drive manufaturer's web site. Some of them are being retards now and refusing to give that out, but I think most of them have come to their senses now and are resumeing support for Disk Manager software for their customers. They'll probably ask you for a model number and possibly the serial number off the drive, though.
If it's a Maxtor drive... good luck. You'll have to do a lowlevel format (write zeros to the entire drive, including the boot sector) first and that takes a lonng, long time to do. Maxtor's software is stupid in this way: They won't let you just erase the partition. That's why I won't touch Maxtor anymore.
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Roll Eyes

Hi seeing a need for my favorite software.


Dariks boot and nuke. Small, free download.

Very efficient, makes 7 passes, drive is wiped. Starts from boot, before Winblows jumps in and screws everything up. Yes it will nuke Win 2000, and XP.

Start it before going to bed next morning drive is like a brand new drive, CLEAN.

Whatever you want to do with it after that is up to you, Format, add OS, or just format, and use for storage.

Very nice little piece of software. NASA, and most of the Gov agencies use it. Most Colleges, and I`m pretty sure businesses as well.

Try it, you`ll like it.

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This will help you.

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