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This is a discussion on Lost secondary drive HELP BIG PROJECT THIS WEEKEND within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I have a windows xp home edition, AMD around 3500 (homegrown) 2 gig ram, with two harddrives 200 gb Western

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Old 01-13-2010, 01:36 PM   #1
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I have a windows xp home edition, AMD around 3500 (homegrown) 2 gig ram, with two harddrives 200 gb Western Digital Cavier and 1 terrabyte Seagate 7200 11 secondary drive. My original setup was C: drive WD with system and Seagate terrabyte secondary storage drive no or 1 partition (still not understanding if you have to have a partition or the whole drive is not if its not divided up)I installed a pinnacle program (studio 14) yesterday and it needed to reboot to finalize and when it did my little journey began......

First I got the ntldr error missing prompt and the control alt del option , I rebooted and went into bios and turned off my S.M.A.R.T. (you know you don't want the computer to be smarter then you do you?) then it booted into windows and my secondary drive which had been the I: drive had become the K: drive and I couldn't access it.

I went online and read about fixboot......thinking that was what I needed I went to dos in recovery and did a command to K: to fixboot and what do you know I made a little partitian that I could click on....it was 32 megabytes bit and real cozy...

Not to boar you too much a spend a few hours downloading on my....You guessed it DIAL UP connection to the vast world and got testdrive, partition magic, seatools, find and mount and why not I have all the time in the world living on a mountain top

Then I read a thread that had my problem the Seagate 7200 Barracuda 11 terrabyte drives have a flaw that can throw you into this little 32 megabyte room (a third party puts a small 32 meg partition on drive at factory that is usually hid from end users but somehow sometimes it pops up and in my computer its the only part of the terrabyte drive that was read in my windows screen and when this does happen the terrabyte drive is limited to that size) and you need to use the seatools dos boot to go in and re-expand your drive to the maximum size. Well I did that and

I booted up ready to rumble and WHAT ?? no drive at all showing in my windows screen just the C: drive with system files was.....my heart was sinking fast don't go to sleep the punch line is coming

ok so I check the disk manager in windows and now my terrabyte is 3 partitians 811 gig 890 gig and 80 gig the last two are active the first 811 is
unallocated...........more room then I had......

What to do.... I have important games and gadgets and things in my files I can't loose all my stuff.......how will I live if my horde of information is gone...

Hope someone can help me before I give up hope and push the format command........

Normally I just write plain geek stuff but thought with the many hours staring at a screen since yesterday has made me loose my marbles or is it marble thanks in advance


the secondary hardrive the seagate barracuda 1 terrabyte was just one drive with no partitions before my problem or 1 partition if you have to have one (I'm still not clear on this). As of last night it showed up as 3 partitions as mentioned above. But I used Partition Table Doctor 3.5 and it now has it in one partition of about 200 gb then a small linux partition 7 mb then about 750 gb third. Don't know why I have a linux

I haven't saved its findings to my drive yet as I know I had originally only the whole drive as one with no partition. On the desktop in windows xp it doesn't show any of these partitions or any drive at all except C: which is the boot drive with the other harddrive which is a Western Digital 200 gig Cavier......

I think that since I haven't really done much other then run fixboot originally that my data should still be there. I really don't want to format it all away.
In Partition Doctor I ran the partiton search and it found two linux partitions first time though and then its diagram showed a 200 gig partition then small linux partition, then another 200 gig, then another linux partition. When I ran the repair partition it got rid of second linux partition and the second regular partition was about 750 gig. So at this point the picture shows 200 gig partition then small linux partition 7 mb then 750 gig regular partition ( I say regular because its not linux)

In my disk management in my windows it shows two 800 gig then 1 80 gig and the first 800 is unalocatted.....

If I save the Partition Doctors repairs to my drive will I loose the data I'm trying to save

Well I used testdisk/photorec and found my files so thats a plus but my C: drive has no room so not sure what to do next. How can I get windows to see the second drive.....do I try findboot on second drive in testdisk to see if windows will see it and if so will the files still be there or will the new partition delete my info.....confused as to what is a harddrive with or without a partition or partitions... when I first installed the terrabyte secondary storage drive did it just make one big partition or no partition.\?
I'm pretty sure its not the fat one but the ntsc (or whatever sorry for wrong letters)

or will I just loose original data inbetween the two new partitions and where the 7 mb linux partition seperates the two? or will the two partititons override my original files...

sorry for redundant questions but as you see I'm illiterate and a third world speller

and computer stupid

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Old 01-13-2010, 07:18 PM   #2
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Just a quick note....I now understand my Disk Managment was seeing the same drive as "811.35 gig unallocated" and then again on same line as "Healthy Unknown 891.63" and then also on same line "80.44 Active Healthy"
none of these show up on in Windows under My Computer the only drive there is C: 189 gig thats the other working drive with system files.

I was scanning with test drive and its saying the terrabyte drive has fat 16 error

If I could just delete the unallocated double maybe the computer would see the other two partitions although I never made the small 80.44 partition myself

In the doctor program if I saved to my disk it would have small 200 something gig hard partition then 7 mg linux then 750 something gig third partition
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Interesting combination. At this point if the data is what you are after, then I would go into recovery mode and scan the drive with r-studio and getdataback demos and see which of those does the best job. If test_disk and PTDr can't recover the partitions, then the filesystem is pretty well hosed at this point, continuing to try to fix it will probably result in more data loss. After the scans are finished, register the one that did the best job, and recover the files to another disk, then zero wip this one with killdisk or diskwipe, scan with the manufacturer's diagnostics for bad sectors, and reinitialize, partition and format using Windows Disk management. Stay away from the third party partition managers.
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thanks raptor I will see what I can do atleast I have a couple 500 gig externals to play around with for the event this week end and will continue on this project next week
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