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This is a discussion on Kernel_Stack_Inpage_Error within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. system CPU: AMD Opteron 165 Dual-core 64bit @ 2.25ghz, AC Freezer 64 Pro Motherboard: Asus A8N-E @ 1000mhz HTC RAM:

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CPU: AMD Opteron 165 Dual-core 64bit @ 2.25ghz, AC Freezer 64 Pro
Motherboard: Asus A8N-E @ 1000mhz HTC
RAM: 2x 1gb Corsair CMX1024-3200C2 @ 415mhz, 3-3-3-8
Graphics Card: BFG 7800 GT @ 480mhz/1.15ghz, 1.5v bios mod
Sound Card: Soundblaster Audigy 2
Network Card: D-Link DGE-530T
Hard Drive(s): 2x 120gb Western Digital Caviar SE SATA II in Raid 0
CD/DVD Drive(s): Plextor PX-504A
Power Supply: Rosewill RP550
Operating System: Windows XP sp2 including all updates
Driver Versions: 6.70 NForce, 84.20 Forceware, 2.08.0004 Audigy 2, 4.14 D-Link

Sunday night I was suffering from boredom, nostalgia, or just the desire to see what I could screw up, so I tried to get System Shock 2 to play nice with XP. I was following that instructions on this site, but I kept getting a video error. So I tried the suggestion from this site. I believe it was the one that said to
Run the file iv5play.exe located on the
System Shock 2 CD-ROM, this will install
the drivers and codecs needed to view the
But to be honest, I am not absolutely positive on that. Anyway, right afterwards my computer rebooted itself and then couldn't find the raid array. I shut it back down and restarted it and it started up fine, but then within a couple minutes would start hanging and slowing down and then reboot itself again, and not be able to find the raid array. I eventually restarted in safe mode, eliminated any trace of System Shock 2 and did a restore. It worked fine until tonight.

I was trying to load up Tabula Rasa and I got this error
stop: 0x00000077 (0xC000185, 0xC0000185, 0x00000000, 0x02503000)
I tried loading the game several times, each time giving me the same results. At one point, my computer rebooted itself and lost the raid array again, just like Sunday.

In researching the error I came up with this answer from this site.

If either the first or the third parameter is not a zero, then the following definitions apply:

the cause of this issue may be determined from the second parameter (the I/O status code) by using the following information that is listed in a "value of second parameter" followed by "general cause" format:

0xC0000185, or STATUS_IO_DEVICE_ERROR: improper termination or defective cabling of SCSI-based devices, or two devices attempting to use the same IRQ.
Now this seems odd to me, I have had this computer up and running for sometime now, and have loaded many games on it. I even loaded a game on it monday night and have played it without incident.

While I have never heard of a program having problems loading onto a raid 0 before, I cant help but wonder if this is possible. I have been unable to view the forums for Tabula Rasa because I keep getting this message when I try to register with the forum.
500 Server closed connection without sending any data back
So my question is, does anyone have any idea how or why trying to get System Shock 2 to work on XP would cause me to lose my array? And why would trying to load Tabula Rasa give me an error saying that my cables may not be plugged in right? Does anyone know of any diagnostic programs that I could use to check my raid array? I have search at Nvidia, Western Digital, and Asus for something but can up empty.

Thoughts, ideas, suggestions or just a shrug of the shoulders are welcome.
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