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Craazy HDD problem

This is a discussion on Craazy HDD problem within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hello, Well, where to start - this has really got me baffled, if anyone has got any ideas please post

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Well, where to start - this has really got me baffled, if anyone has got any ideas please post back.

Im running XP Pro with 2 80gb WD drives, one has the OS and all my apps on and the other is just used for storage. I was burning a DVD last night when Nero seemed to freeze, and without being able to eject the disc I restarted the comp. BIOS came up all ok, then the XP "Welcome" screen with the loading bar but then instead of going to the usual login screen it just went black and sat there. No HDD activity or noise it literally just sat there (left it for 30mins and still nothing). So basically I cant get in to Windows anymore. Theres no error message or anything it just gets to that Welcome screen and then goes blank.
  • I have tried booting into safe mode but the same thing happens.
  • I have tried booting into safe mode (dos support) but as its scanning through all the files it stops at agp440.sys
  • I have tried using the recovery option by booting from the XP installation CD but as its "Examining disk..." it just sits there, no "freeze" as such (although its hard to tell) it just doesnt appear to go any further
  • Set it to slave, changed IDE channels, changed the cable
  • Have taken every other device out of the computer except the essentials
I have also, and this is where it gets particularly baffling, installed a fresh copy of XP on a spare drive with the intention of connecting the old drive as a slave so I could at least recover the data off it. Quite straight forward I thought, but I still cant access that second drive. In fact I can no longer boot up the new install of XP as soon as the old one is connected!! If the spare drive is plugged in on its own, its fine. XP boots up and im able to go on the internet and post huge long winded desperate posts on a popular tech support forum

But If I plug in the old drive as a slave along with it I get exactly the same problem as before - Welcome screen comes up and then black screen. Both drives are detected in the BIOS fine though.

Why would the second drive stop the working one from loading Windows? The second drive does obviously have another copy of XP installed on it (would that cause a problem?), but its the copy of XP on the spare (working) drive that im trying to boot from! Why, or more to the point how, can that second drive be stopping it?!?!?!

The drive physically seems ok. Like I mention the BIOS detects it fine. It spins up and doesnt make any abnormal noises. It just seems as though as soon as its connected to the computer, as a master or a slave, on its own or with another working HDD, it stops everything from loading!

Any ideas? Crazy eh?
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Roll Eyes

Can this second drive with XP on it boot up by itself?

Do you have this set as a dual boot system, what with both drives having OS loaded?

Is this a RAID setup?

Guess I`m wondering why OS on 2nd drive if function just data storage.

Overall sounding a lot like a corrupted disk. Huh, maybe the movie industry is taking steps against DVD copies? Those greedy ..........
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Try and boot to "last know good configuration". You may also want to download the drive manufacturers disk utility and run a diagnostic against the drive.
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