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Cannot backup, migrate or clone HDD onto SSD

This is a discussion on Cannot backup, migrate or clone HDD onto SSD within the Hard Drive Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hello everybody, I've been having a terrible time trying to do the "simple task" of installing a Samsung EVO 500GB

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Old 04-27-2018, 09:22 PM   #1
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OS: Win 10

Hello everybody,

I've been having a terrible time trying to do the "simple task" of installing a Samsung EVO 500GB SSD into my desktop. The desktop is nine years old but was made from a top-of-the-line Asus motherboard and runs perfectly in all other respects. The HDD is a 750 GB Hitachi drive that has worked flawlessly since the system was new.

The symptoms are:
. Cannot backup the C drive onto a USB drive to protect my data;
. Cannot migrate or clone my data using Samsung's Migration Tool, Macrium Reflect or Partition Wizard without incurring errors, aborts or hangs.
. Samsung's Magician tool fails to see my Hitachi drive altogether and aborts.

These apps give various error reports ranging from uselessly cryptic to no report at all and simply slowing down to an impossible crawl.

. Partition Wizard, after an hour of chugging away, slows to 6.3 KB/s before my patience runs out and I press the Cancel button to abort the procedure.
. Macrium Reflect, from its Win PE 10 OS, encounters the first read error at 42% and increments it one byte at a time every two seconds ad infinitum.
. Windows Backup runs about 25% of the way then aborts with a "Cannot read the sector specified, Err 23:" error.

CHKDSK /F fails to find any errors at all even after repeated runs on all of my partitions. This is most surprising as CHKDSK has been around since DOS days and has never failed me before.

Partition Wizard's Surface Test however does reveal three sector errors and those errors are in the middle of my C data meaning that I cannot isolate them by reducing the size of the partition to just enough to hold the existing data and then reformatting the Unallocated Space that results. I tried this and the errors stayed with the data. I also defragged the drive even though Win 10 does this automatically and I may have only moved the bad sectors to other parts of the data. The three bad sectors, or "blocks" as Partition Wizard calls them, remained.

Somehow I have to backup my data intact onto another drive (USB or otherwise), then install Windows onto my SSD, then restore the data onto the SSD without using any of the migration/cloning tools that are supposedly designed for this purpose.

Someone in another post suggested to do a clean install of Windows 10 onto the SSD, then move the data onto it from the damaged C drive. To prepare for this I have downloaded a fresh Win 10 .iso into a bootable USB stick using Windows' Media Creation Tool, but I'm afraid that after transferring my programs and data over to the SSD the new OS won't fully install my apps as the Registry will be new and not have any listings in it from my old Registry. I would have to reinstall my applications anyway, something I've been trying to avoid as most of my programs never came with backup CDs. I'd also rather not use the old Registry and do a clean install if it is at all possible. The old Registry still works, however, so I will use it if I have no other alternative.

So, any ideas on how I can fix this problem?

Thank you for any help you can give!
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Old 04-28-2018, 09:36 AM   #2
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OS: Win 10

No reply yet so I'll post two ideas that I'm working on.

What if I did the following:

. Install my most recent backup image (dated June 2017) and then update it with my Documents folder, Outlook .pst, Favorites and other work. I'd have to reinstall any programs I installed since then manually, a bit of a guessing game on my part as I'd have to check for missing programs and maybe the last modified dates of some folders to get them all. I don't recall installing any major software packages, though a lot of online research was done in that time.

. Install a fresh Windows 10 image into the SSD, then drag and drop my profile into it from the defective Hitachi drive. Would this copy all my programs as well as my documents and other work? What about Favorites and Outlook .pst or would they have to be loaded separately as well, assuming they can be copied up from the hard drive.

What procedures should I follow for these plans, and which one has a better chance of working? Have I left anything out?

Thanks for your help.
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Old 04-28-2018, 09:49 AM   #3
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My System

You have HD damage and every time you do something, things are getting worse. I would copy or Xcopy categories like Pix, docs etc to the backup medium and forget trying to do a complete backup. Keep the old image you made as there are things that should be in good shape on it. Do the clean 10 install. The only way to bring everything (including Programs) over is with a paid program and if files are corrupted, you'll bring the problem to the SSD.

The stability of an OS is in direct proportion to the stability of the user.
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Old 05-08-2018, 06:31 PM   #4
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OS: Win 10

I have resolved my problem, but getting there was more adventurous than expected. Seems my HHD's sector errors were preventing me from doing backups or OS migrations and Windows 10 wouldn't install into my new SSD without going to Black Screen in the middle of Cortana's setup routine. I finally traced this to Windows suddenly redirecting its output to my VGA port which I only use for my legacy systems. This would occur without warning and somewhat randomly but always sometime within the first four Cortana Questions. The solution was to go to Port 2 on my monitor. She then came up with reduced resolution but I was at least able to complete my Win 10 install. When she rebooted the display went back to my DVI port and its normal resolution automatically.

Fortunately I was able to Copy/Paste most of my data into a USB drive, inclucing my programs, though most of them will have to be reinstalled anyway to forestall the inevitable problems with lost links.

Now the fun begins transferring my data and weeding out all the chaff that the last 10 years has produced. Just in time, too, as the old HDD has been making some funny noises lately...

Thank you for your help.
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