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Whats wrong with my comp......??? please help

This is a discussion on Whats wrong with my comp......??? please help within the Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. ive already tried asking the people in the hard drive section but could get any help so here i go...

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ive already tried asking the people in the hard drive section but could get any help so here i go... ok im new to building pc's but ya gotta start some where right? well i have a terrible problem... I've got a Celeron D 2.66 ghz processor running windows XP and a IDE compatible motherboard and was tring to install a IDE 80gb (master) and a IDE 40gb (slave) hard drive. I hooked everything up and put the restore cd in and got them to work but it was using the 40gb one as the master cuz that one didnt need formatting so basically the 80gb one was the only one that needed formatting, keep in mind that i didnt need to restore the 40gb hd cuz that one was already being used when i 1st had this comp. One week later I unplugged the power cord of the machine and later that day plugged it back in and the machine booted up the 80gb one as the master like it should have done to begin with but i didnt know why it did this so i tried to use the recovery cd again and it starts to load the program and then stops and reboots again and keeps doing that over and over again. What the heck happend? Everything was working fine and now nothing works. Hope you guys can help.
also it wont even let me recover the 80gb hd anymore and the 40gb one just keeps restarting every time the software starts loading.

P.S. I tried putting a different IDE 80gb hard drive in it that does currently work in one of the same brand comps and it asks if i want to boot comp in safe mode or regular windows xp mode and which ever one you choose it just keeps restarting comp over and over again. thanx for the help guys.
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Not sure that I understand exactly what you are dealing with (had a short night, so that might be why) except that it changed from one drive to the other and now won't load. If that is the issue, then I do understand.

Let's get some simple ones out of the way to look at things.

Is this a new build and if so, is the boot hard drive new or from another working computer?

Tell us how you have configured IDE #1 and IDE #2. For example, what brand drives do you have (all please), what total type of drives, and how are the jumpers set and where on the ribbon cable are they?

Are we to assume that you have one working drive with an operating system from a clean install on this machine and one that is not formatted?

Can you get into the BIOS setup menu?

We need you to list the complete machine: Motherboard, CPU, Power Supply (watts and brand name), video card details, (all drives as listed above), type of OS (XP or Win98), type of partition (NTFS or Fat32) and any other details that will help us.

Has this machine ever worked since it was built ?(I mean like it should)

When we get that out of the way, it might be possible to begin taking things one at a time to troubleshoot what is wrong. No promises, but someone should have some answers.
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