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[SOLVED] Audio Issue & Question

This is a discussion on [SOLVED] Audio Issue & Question within the Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hello. I am just a gamer geek and my income isn't substantial so you guys know more about these things

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Old 07-02-2012, 11:10 PM   #1
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My System


I am just a gamer geek and my income isn't substantial so you guys know more about these things than I do regardless of the long time I've spent overall so far on the PC.

I recently got a new PC. It was one of the DIY total package combo deals that NewEgg does. It's great but I've been having audio issues. When I'm watching a movie or a TV show on the computer the talking and most things are too quiet, so I turn the volume on my speakers up then when someone punches someone, fires a gun or does something loud like that then suddenly for those things it turns back to normal and scares the crap out of me because it's too loud.
(note: I had my speakers before I got this new PC so I know they work, and I just got them summer speak year)

Now I am using codec packs I've always used in the past, and I also have VLC Player too and both have the same problems. So I am assuming (ignorantly so being that I am no expert) it is something with my motherboard or drivers.

"VIA HD Audio Drivers" came with the latest nvidia drivers I downloaded for my video card (I believe) and were installed all by themselves. I did not install the drivers that came with the DIY package because I do not have a DVD-Rom and my old one doesn't work anymore. (I plan on buying one but not until the end of the year). I'm not sure what to say about that besides ... they seem fine and I've always considered nvidia drivers to be outstandingly better than AMD/ATI. (Just my personal opinion).

So that brings me to my other assumption. The motherboard has two audio connectors to plug in; AC97 and HD. I used AC97 because I was fairly certain that there was nothing in my system that would qualify as HD. The documentation on the motherboard could have obviously been better than it was but I was experienced with PCs enough to go without until recently.

Could the problem with my audio be that I have AC97 and not HD? I'm just assuming that the "VIA HD Audio Drivers" were installed with the GFX Drivers because otherwise I have no idea where the heck they came from unless they were installed in a Windows 7 Update.

I haven't popped open my PC yet to swap out the AC97 cord for the HD. I've never really seen anything like that ... I don't buy new PCs that frequently. So I was hoping one of you techies could give me some assistance on this.

My motherboard is an A55MH by Biostar. If more information besides that is required then please let me know in your reply.
Thank you very much.
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Old 07-02-2012, 11:27 PM   #2
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My System

Oops, I meant to say "summer last year" not "summer speak year".

Anywho I totally just wasted space up on here unfortunately. I'm ruling it as likely a codec problem because I tried another video just now and it doesn't seem to have a problem. Not sure what to do about it though. I'm using K-Lite Codec Pack right now, but I have always used CCCP up until recently on this new PC. I'll figure out how to swap codecs on my own though. Shouldn't be too difficult. Alternatively I can just use VLC Media Player. VLC uses their own codec and such.

So we'll see. I think I'm going to swap out from the AC97 plug to the HD plug since I am apprently using VIA HD Audio drivers. I'm on onboard audio so ... still not sure what exactly is HD about it.

Thanks anyways. Maybe someone else will search and find this thread as a solution in the future. Hopefully ... Would be nice if I hadn't wasted space up here.
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Old 07-03-2012, 12:11 AM   #3
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Location: ^NY
Posts: 49
OS: Windows 7

My System

Alright. I guess this is a good way to catalog what I've been up to regarding this issue. In my own defense I'm just not used to these new drivers being that I've used AC97 until last month or so when I got my new PC.

I never took the opportunity to check out the "VIA HD Audio Deck" on the hidden icons section of the taskbar until now. There is a setting in there called "Loudness Equalization" that seems to fix my problem. Not sure why it isn't enabled by default but now it is.

Again I am sorry for wasting space here.
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