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possible MoBo hardware failure....P4P800-E deluxe

This is a discussion on possible MoBo hardware failure....P4P800-E deluxe within the Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Another new boy on the forum... hi everyone. My problem does seem similar to few others, but none of the

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Old 10-01-2004, 05:20 AM   #1
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Another new boy on the forum... hi everyone. My problem does seem similar to few others, but none of the causes are the same.

my system:

P4P800-E Deluxe
P4 3Ghz, HT Prescott
1gig dual channel RAM (relatively unbranded)
Maxtor 160GB SATA (main OS system drive)
+ some IDE (data only)
+ ATI Radeon AGP card (SR)
+ Digidesign 001 soundcard
Windows XP SP1 (no updates)
Hyperthreading disabled in Bios
not online, or networked.
No RAID (not using those channels either)

OK, so i built my system about 2 months ago now and i had almost no problems getting it going, or since (once I disabled Hyper threading). I mainly use it for music production and Graphics drawing for VST GUIs.

the other day I tried loading some files off an IDE drive (photoshop files as it happens) and it said they were corrupted. This annoyed me 'cos the day before there had been nothing wrong with them and they hadn't been edited since.

Having much work to do I had to ignore the problem and carry on working. (mistake number one i'm sure).

The next day I booted my PC and after the BIOS loaded, instead of booting it said 'Error Loading OS'. Initially I didn't connect this to the problem with the other drive. Using the XP cd I went into the recovery DOS mode and started wokring out what i should do. before I did anything i found out that I could get into my main XP system by pressing F8 after the Bios runs (incidentally without problems at this time) and choosing the SATA drive.

XP booted fine. So I checked ASUS probe, all temperatures fine etc... I loaded Partition Magic 8 and told it to check my OS drive. It opened a DOS based window with a CHKDSK command (no /F). It reported file table problems on this drive and verification problems on the partition. Obviously i was unable to run CHKDSK /F whilst running the partition I wanted to check.

But the file table problems made me think that a FIXMBR from the XP cd recovery DOS mode would help. So i did that.

After booting this time the bios ran OK, but I got a new error instead of 'Error loading OS'. it reads:
"Reboot and Select proper boot device
or insert boot media in selected device and press a key"

So i spent another couple hours gingerly running scandisk etc... (no errors on C: i'm trying to boot). I ran CHKDSK and it no longer reported the file table problem but there were still verification problems. So I ran CHKDSK /F and it scheduled it to run on reboot, I rebooted, pressed F8, saw XP come up and it ran the /F.

Afterwards CHKDSK still reports verification problems, I still get the error when I boot.

Then I noticed another problem, one of my IDE drives (the one which i was loosing data on) was no longer seen in windows. i noticed it because it paused for a bit on the POST bit that was checking that IDE channel. I tried this drive in another machine and it can be seen by the BIOS (although the device name is mangled), but not in windows at all.

now i notice that sometimes during POST it takes a long time, but in random places, sometimes just after the memory test, sometimes when it tests the disk interfaces.....

so two hard disks, on different interface types have become corrupted at the same time.

right now, i want to now how this happened. anybody... please....
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Old 10-03-2004, 10:10 AM   #2
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some thoughts.....

Is it possible that an IDE drive failing could cause some corruption on my SATA drive in the Master boot record?

Is it possible a power dip could cause the file tables to become corrupted, would a problem like this cause a drive not to be read? Is it worth me replacing my power supply??
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Old 10-05-2004, 06:26 AM   #3
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Are there any utilities that will diagnostic test my MoBo for hard disk controller problems etc...???
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