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Possible dead audio & USB3 ports ASRock AB350M Pro4

This is a discussion on Possible dead audio & USB3 ports ASRock AB350M Pro4 within the Motherboards, Bios & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. This is a somewhat lengthy post, I apologize, but I am just trying to provide as much info as possible.

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This is a somewhat lengthy post, I apologize, but I am just trying to provide as much info as possible. I can't tell if the issues I'm having are CPU, software, or mobo related, but I'm leaning toward mobo which I why I am posting here.

I have a myriad of issues going on with a new PC build, but I want to focus on this specific one. I just installed a new CPU cooler as I wanted to OC my processor. When removing the old cooler, the entire CPU ripped from its socket as well - it did not detach from the fan. When this happened my hand caught the gold pins of the CPU (Ryzen 3 1200). There was a single bent pin that I noticed and some specks of thermal paste on some of the pins. I straightened the bent pin and cleaned the rest the best I could and re-installed with the new cooler.

Since installing the cooler and OC'ing the processor, I realized that my speakers have disappeared from my list of Playback Devices.

I initially thought this may have been a software issue, because my Realtek HD Audio icon in the taskbar has disappeared as well, and even after reinstalling the driver it will not re-appear. However, I'm having a few other problems which are making me question if this is motherboard related:

1. When I noticed the missing playback device and driver icon, I also realized that the date on the taskbar was correct, but the time was wrong. I had to change in BIOS. Possibly CMOS related?

2. I unplugged my speakers from the port on the rear I/O and switched to my headphones. They do not appear in playback devices either. Possible dead port?

3. Two of the four USB3 ports on the rear I/O seem to be not working properly. When I plug my USB2 keyboard into them, the keyboard will not work at all, but it will work in the other two ports. When I plug my USB3 wifi adapter in the two ports that DON'T work with the keyboard, I will get an internet connection, however, it is extremely weak and speed tests will fail frequently. When I plug the wifi adapter into the two ports that DO work with the keyboard, I will get a stronger internet connection, but speed tests are showing download speeds that are significantly lower than what they show when the adapter is plugged into one of the USB2 ports on the rear I/O. (4-6 Mbps in the USB 3 port compared to 17-20 in the USB2 port).

Given the issues with the USB ports, the audio ports, and the date & time problem, I'm wondering if this is mobo related. But that wouldn't account for why my audio driver itself doesn't seem to be working properly.
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My System

My concerns are that unfortunately when you pulled the cpu out and it stuck to the hsf, did you look at entire cpu and are you certain there aren't more bent pins. While this sounds like motherboard issue, it is more than likely that there is more damage to the cpu than you realized as usually there is no real damage to the board from doing that. It is also possible that if not perfectly straight the pin re-bent upon replacing the cpu as those pins are so fragile. The best thing to do is RMA the board for the issues and see what As Rock says when they get it back as it is possible some other damage occurred when all that happened.

All PC's are not the same. Posting your PC specs will help us to assist you quicker and more effectively.
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A little confused since Ryzen is still new to me, so query..

Is Southbridge included in the die of the CPU ? I think Northbridge is..

Because the OP mentions issues which are consistent with some kind of Southbridge damage/issues USB/Audio etc.., so if the Southbridge was part of the CPU since it's SOC, then replacing the Mobo may not help since CPU might be the one which is causing the issue..

If however the Mobo southbridge is present and faced some hardware damage during the entire process, then yes Mobo could help.

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