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This is a discussion on Keepin' the scene alive within the Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hey folks, Newbie here, I woud like to thank the forum for keeping me from frying the mobo last night.

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Hey folks,

Newbie here, I woud like to thank the forum for keeping me from frying the mobo last night. After trying to use the original BIOS upgrade from the Intel site and having the comp crash once, I saw from one of the threads mentioning that the best way to upgrade is via the original manufacturer's support site (In my case, Gateway). The update went smoothly and was via a Win-based program! Thanks again for the help

My recent issue is one that was addressed in a thread a cople of years ago, but I was wondering if anyone has any new info on this.

I have a Gateway 500S plus that I purchased in 2003. I have recently
been making a number of upgrades in an effort to keep up with some of
the current games and have been doing fairly well while learning a bunch about upgrades and how these new components interact. The main issue now is that after a large number of hours of research, I purchased a processor upgrade (from P4 2.4 to 3.06 with HT), installed it and upgraded the BIOS in an effort to enable the HT technology on the chip. I understand that this is primarily a motherboard issue and I throroughly researched this on the Intel site prior to purchasing the chip (although the site says that this particular motherboard and chipset does and does NOT support HT, contradicting itself in a number of pages). The Gateway site even mentions that my mobo supports HT. The comp has been working great with no overheating problems since the install and a couple of games (COD4, Titan Quest) have been running much better than before.

My question is if you have any new suggestions as to how to enable HT on the mobo? Even after upgrading the BIOS, the option does not show up on the BIOS main page or any of the setup pages.

My specs are: (Formerly an Essex P4 2.4GHz R3 on the Gateway site)

Processor: P4 3.06GHz with HT, 533MHz Bus

Intel D845GRG (As ID'd by the Intel desktop utility), (Gateway describes my chipset as 82845G (GMCH), 82801 DB (ICH4), and 82802AB (FWH)), version AAA81583-302, serial #AZRG30108908, BIOS version RG84510A.15A.0057.P19 (ROM size 512K, released in 2003)

RAM: 3 GB running at 266MHz

HD: one WDC 160GB, one Maxtor 80GB

Video: nVidia GForce 7600GS with 512MB

The thing is, that after contacting Gateway, they gave me their song and dance about not supporting any upgrades aside from RAM and stating that my mobo is not supposed to run HD >130GB or more than 2BG of RAM, contradicting the specs on the Intel site, and as usual they tried to sell me more RAM. I have not had any problem with any of the upgrades I've made so far. In any case, thanks in advance for the help, I know that there are no more upgrades available on this comp, but at least I would like to know if there are any suggestion on getting the most I can out of this new proc, your help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks again and take care.
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First, the OEM manufacturer of a PC is PC-GOD when it comes to BIOS, NOT Intel unless they manufactured PC system. In your case PC-GOD = Gateway. OMEs like Gateway modify the BIOS to their specs.

Also, updating a BIOS is last resort. BIOS updates fall into the category of, "If it ain't broke, do no fix it."
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