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Going nuts on new build, possible DOA CPU? PSU insufficient?

This is a discussion on Going nuts on new build, possible DOA CPU? PSU insufficient? within the Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hello, and thank you for your time. I recently purchased components for a new system to replace an aging one.

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Hello, and thank you for your time.

I recently purchased components for a new system to replace an aging one. My first build was a 386 several years ago, so this is not my first by any stretch, though it is definitely the most annoying, and as a bragging point this is the first time I have had to turn to others for direct help, hehe. Usually if I can get into BIOS, if it will work at all I can get it rolling.

First off, the components:

Intel DP45SG

Intel E8400 (core 2 duo 3 GHz)

OCZ Special Ops PC3 DDR3 1066 (wanted 1333, must have ordered wrong one, too late to RMA, Intel says 1066 works on that mobo)

EVGA GeForce 9800GT (512MB DDR3) PCIE 2.0x16

e-Power 520W PSU

I have an existing WD caviar HD, and ordered another to set up RAID (haha, oh to be troubleshooting that instead...)

I will eventually order some 1333 RAM if I cannot OC this stuff successfully, or even boot successfully.

I also ordered a
https://www.newegg.com/Product/Produc...82E16835186134 and some AS5 goop to help keep it all cool. (I had read about problems with the stock cooling)

Now the saga.

I ordered all my parts from Newegg a little over a month ago. 10 days later my box arrives (I live in Japan, 10 days is average for APO shipping from CA). I assembled the system, following manufacturer instructions and all the usual precautions for a bench test (I actually have a workstation in my office dedicated to building computer, electronic and RC stuff, I was properly grounded while handling sensitive components, did not touch pins, etc.). All I got was a blank screen.

On powerup I got the correct initial signs, PSU functioned, mobo LED turned on, case power worked, system powered up using case switch, fans on PSU, CPU cooling, and VGA fan all working correctly, but no screen. I tried doing the RAM shuffle to no avail, and finally tried a no RAM startup, and received the proper error beep. I tried using another new out of the box PCIE2.0x16 card, also nothing, and even threw in an older known working PCI vid card for S&G, still nothing.

At this point I figured it was a bad mobo, since I have had so many dead out of the box before. I promptly RMA'd the board, and 25 not-so-prompt days later received a new one. (sometimes living overseas does suck) I hooked up the new mobo, reassembled the whole system, and got the exact same condition. Lights on, fans spinning, nobody home. No hdd activity, no BIOS screen, nothing. If it were not for the error beeps on a no RAM boot, I would not even know the board was POSTing.

Now it is too late to RMA through Newegg, so I am stuck with manufacturer customer support, so I would rather query a larger pool of talent through this forum while I am waiting on them so that I can weigh my options and get fresh opinions.

Reading through other threads (that I did not want to hijack) I am mulling the possibility that my new PSU may not be up to this task. Right now it is working like a charm on the old system, hehe.

So right now my suspect list is such:
1. Bad CPU
2. Insufficient power
3. Unknown (to me) hardware conflict
4. 2nd bad mobo (highly unlikely?)

Being in Japan I can't just take my HW to the shop and have them test it. I still can't find DDR3 RAM here, or mobos that support it. What hardware selection they do have is usually double the price of ordering from Newegg.

Thank you all in advance for the help (I'll probably thank you again, hehe).

I'm going to lie down, my head hurts from slamming it against this wall all day.
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