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Bios Recognizes Only Main Drive

This is a discussion on Bios Recognizes Only Main Drive within the Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Bios No Longer recognizes any drive except Main Drive (as Primary Master). I recently replaced the factory-installed internal CD-R in

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Bios No Longer recognizes any drive except Main Drive (as Primary Master).

I recently replaced the factory-installed internal CD-R in my EMachines Tower 800 (circa 2000) with a DVD-RW.

The next day I got a bios error message (I've become pretty adept at working with my PC, but never worked w bios before!).

The real problem may have really been the CD or DVD left in the slot (I read up on bios errors afterwords (via Google) and read that folk should check that possibility first!).

Unfortunately, I went in & changed the bios so that it only boots from the main drive (I'd prefer that it try the floppy 1st, then the (new) onboard DVD-RW, then the main drive [there is also an external CD-RW]).

When I go into my (Phoenix) Bios it says there is
no primary slave
no 2ndary master
no 2ndary slave

There's one more thing I forgot to mention. When my friend and I installed the DVD-RW, we may have changed the master -slave order. The original factory CD-R was set up as the (primary? secondary?) slave (the floppy was the master apparently). This may be compounding the problem...or be the full cause of my problem.

I worry about not being able to boot from the floppy/DVD-RW/external CD-RW. (I
have Go Back installed to go back and correct short term diasters). The floppy, DVD & external CD all work and load normally from within Windows.

Also the (System) Device Manager lists these:
--Disk Drives:
Generic IDE Disk Type 01
Generic NEC Floppy Disk
--CD Drives:
Generic DVD-Rom
Iomega CDRW (external)

In Bios, selecting the 'restore default Bios settings' does nothing.

I haven't wanted to go back into bios...or even open the case again to examine the slave-master situation...until I wrote the problem up.

Terror enough for a month! (My friend left for Italy).

Where would you start?
What do you suggest?

Chet in NY
Phoenix Bios
Etower 800
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the plug on the end of the cable is the master
the one in the middle is the slave
check your jumpers are correct
the eide cable has a line down one side indicating no.1 this goes into the drive along side the power plug
set the bios to auto detect the drives
it pays to become familiar with the bios,just remember when you press f10 to leave to select yes to save the settings

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yea... master is usually at the end of the IDE cable, but i thought that it only applied if you were using cable select... im kinda confused about the floppy being set as master on the IDE, its on its own 34 pin cable, not the 40 pin IDE cables, and has no jumpers... UNLESS you are talking about an LS-120 superdisk drive which is backwards compatible to read floppy disks


DVDRW should be set to master if you have nothing else plugged into the secondary IDE cable

external CDRW drive might cause problems (have no clue what interface your using... parallel? USB? firewire? SCSI?), you might want to disconnect it, and reboot to see if you get the same problem
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