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Asus a8v Deluxe crashes in windows and won't come back up!

This is a discussion on Asus a8v Deluxe crashes in windows and won't come back up! within the Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi, I just bought an Asus a8v Deluxe, an AMD 64 3500+ and a new case for it. I had

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I just bought an Asus a8v Deluxe, an AMD 64 3500+ and a new case for it. I had a Geforce 4 5600, and a stick of Corsair cmx512 - 3200C2 (manual says it's supported). At the moment, I've got a 40gig Maxtor HDD and a Sony CD burner attached to it. This is what's happening: I built the box very carefully, making sure I was grounded. I used the AMD fan that comes with the CPU (comes with thermal paste on it already). Started up beautifully, and installed Windows XP 64. Everything went great. Logged into windows as the administrator, and began configuring my network connection so I could go online and get drivers, and Windows hung. It wouldn't restart by pressing the button on the front of the case (yes, the case is properly connected to the board - I made sure via the manual), so I had to pull the power cable.

Now, when I try to boot the machine, the green light is lit, and the fans spin but I get no display. Nada. No matter WHAT I try. I've tried different memory, different video cards. Removing my sound cards (I intended to use this thing to do digital recording, so I have 2 m-audio Delta 1010lt 10 channel sound cards). I've tried clearing the CMOS. I've tried removing the battery, unplugging the thing and clearing the CMOS, and even though I'm a computer hardware tech by trade, I'm at a loss. And to make things WORSE - this is the 2nd a8v I've had this exact problem with (when the 1st one did this, I assumed it was bad and brought it back).

I can only assume that there's a defect in this model board. I'm going to bring it back and get a different board (from a different manufacturer) tomorrow if I CAN (it'll be Christmas EVE tomorrow).

I would REALLY like to be able to make this thing work. The reviews are great for it, and the features are awesome. If it'll work... :/

I'd really appreciate any help you guys can give.


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By now you probably have this thing going and seems from what you said it should work since you have done a nice job of troubleshooting.

A couple of things. First, before you started configuring things as you stated, did you load the chipset drivers for the board in first? ASUS boards are so sensitive with that stuff, much more than some other boards are. Also, before trying to go online with your configuration, did you remember to load not only the chipset drivers, but the video card drivers, sound card drivers (and only use one at this time), and finally the network drivers. Hey, I know you know, but so easy when in a hurry (and we always hurry when we have a new box that we are excited about) to get it going. You also did not speak about your power supply, give us a wattage and brand name supply so we know the picture a little better. Another FYI, and this is a personal opinion....I never use that factory thermal paste, just does not do a good job of keeping that instant temp of the CPU down to acceptable levels.

What I would do after you take a look at the above, is remove all drives and see if you get the monitor to come on. Just what happens. If it does light up the monitor, then there might be a configuration error in your drive setup, like ribbon cable, jumpers conflict. You might even want to strip it clear out of the case. I know you put it in properly, but just try to eliminate all possibilities. Start with just the bare essentials and add things as you find it is performing step by step in the process of adding back.

One other thing you might check, recently I came across a case that had the reset and power to the motherboard wires mislabeled.....they were crossed. Might take a look at that issue also.
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