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Advice on ASUS P5AD2-E-Premium Mobo

This is a discussion on Advice on ASUS P5AD2-E-Premium Mobo within the Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi, after a lot of research I finally bought all the pieces and built myself a "dream computer" this Xmas.

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Hi, after a lot of research I finally bought all the pieces and built myself a "dream computer" this Xmas.

Amazingly (with no previous experience), it actually turned on when I hit the power switch!! - No flames or smoke were visibile (much to the disapointment of a small audience of friends and family)

Enough preamble.....

I am having a few small issues which I am at a loss to resolve.

Problem 1)

The CPU Fan runs at maximum speed and I cannot adjust it either through system software or bios.

The fan is the new ASUS Star Ice and the motherboard is the new ASUS P5AD2-E-Premium. The instructions with the Star Ice were rubbish, I couldn't even determine how to install the manual controller as I have no idea where the cables connect to.

I have plugged the Star Ice fan 3 pin cable into the 4pin CPU Fan connector on the motherboard. It only fits one way so I don't think I have got it wrong.

The upside is the ASUS probe software shows CPU temp has never risen above 38deg C, the downsize is it sounds like a jet engine!

Problem 2)

After the computer has been turned off for a while (usually overnight), it takes repeated goes to boot it up, generally it starts (but won't activate the screen so I have no information) then hangs in a series of continuous beeps. But after a few goes it boots okay.

Problem 3)

I am unable to access the Power Monitor features in the BIOS, I can access all other BIOS screens/features ecetera except that one. If I select it, the BIOS appears to hang, I say appears because while the keyboard becomes unresponsive the rolling blue header at the top of the page continues to scroll.

Problem 4)

My primary boot drive is configured as F not C. This is very annoying as a lot of software (incl ASUS drivers) tries to automatically install to C and generates errors.

I believe the reason this occured is that the Mitsumi 7 in 1 multimedia drive takes up the first four drive letters (empty mass storage slots).

I have searched windows help and they say you can't change the drive letter of the primary boot drive once the OS is installed as it is encoded into the registry. I don't mind re installing the OS if I have to, but how do I get the drive letter correct during the initial installation.

System Details

ASUS P5AD2-E-Premium 925XE Motherboard
ASUS Star Ice
Corsair TwinX 5400 (2 X 512Mb)
2 X SATA 74Gb Raptor Drives configured as primary boot drive RAID 0
1 X SATA 250GB Western Digital Caviar
All drives connected to the ICH6 chipset
1 X Plextor 716A DVD
1 X Mitsumi 7 in 1 Multimedia drive
ANTEC Neo480

For my primary drives I have configured two SATA 74Gb Raptor drives in RAID 0 and have plugged a Plextor 716A DVD into the primary IDE slot.

Apart from these problems the machine runs very nicely, and is amazingly quick. I ran it with some Sandra Diagnostics tests for a few hours and even with the CPU maxed out the temp never got above 38deg C.

Any help with some or all of these problems would be gratefully accepted. I've searched the web, but I can't find any answers and ASUS must be on holidays coz they haven't responded to my support question yet!


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2/check what the bios beeps are telling you
the problem starting cold usually indicates p/supply
check your requirements here
and have a read here
4/leave the 7 in 1 disconnected till after you set up your h/d

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