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A8N SLI DLX bios 1013 OK ???

This is a discussion on A8N SLI DLX bios 1013 OK ??? within the Motherboards, Bios|UEFI & CPU forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Has anyone tested bios 1013 for A8N SLI Deluxe ? I use from some time now the "older" 1011 bios

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Has anyone tested bios 1013 for A8N SLI Deluxe ?
I use from some time now the "older" 1011 bios wich works OK -very stable.
But, when I updated to version 1013 followed by a clean install of XPSP2 + chipset drivers + post SP2 patches ...the same system crashed repeatedly. I'm not overcloking anything, i've entered the same values in bios, I've tried even with Nvidia's drivers not just ASUS's. I have only one WinFast 6600GT Extreme/128, PSU is HyperPower 425W and a cheap Compro TV tuner and only one HDD IBM 82 Gb UATA + DVDRW Plextor 716.
The same worked very stable when I reverted to 1011.
Any ideeas?

Furthermore, from bios 1007 till now my standard PCProbe v.2.2x.xx (the one on the mobo's CD) and any later from ASUS's site refuse to install. I start setup.exe, next, next ... and right before identifying the mobo and the values for Temp, RPM, etc. it ends abruptly with no windows, no finish button, no nothing. When I look into add/remove I have listed PC Probe v2.24.10 but neither in ProgFiles folder, nor in StartMenu-no dice.
The only choice is PC Probe ver II (v1.00.something) wich install itself, works (with that nice but very BIG monitoring screen wich I find enoying) but it has a bad habbit of crashing the PC. (when I deinstall it, the same PC works fine - offcourse with bios 1011). If I go back to bios 1007, voila the same old PC Probe works well!? ... but PC Probe v. II refuse to install?)
So if I want a rock solid PC (bios 1011) I can't have any monitoring?
Why bother to buy some expensive and fancy mobo to have none monitoring like some shity SHUTLE or SOLTEK boards.
Hey guys from ASUS tehnical staff, can you hear me ??
I don't mail you anymore 'cause I'm sick and tired...
Is there in the big cruel world another monitoring tool for mobos, simple enough (CPU temp only, for example) even uggly, but with few demands and stable ? (I've tried speedfan but it takes almost 1 min. to initiate - on AMD64/3200+/2048Mb and not so lazy HDD, wich I find too much.
Any help would be appreciated.
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The latest version of probe will not install on many Asus boards. There is a whole thread on this subject on another help forum.

Edit: This program will monitor your temps. It will give you a constant read out in your sys tray.
Motherboard Monitor 5.
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Old 08-30-2005, 06:50 AM   #3
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Thanx, Andrew S.
I'll give it a try. Will keepyou posted.
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My System

Send a message via MSN to linderman

or you can try these two / both TOP shelf



I had the same problem with asus probe / i made the mistake of installing probe before I installed by chipset drivers / poor move <<< probe wouldnt load after that / I downloaded the newest version of the asus website(removed asus from registry first) / that one acted the same way at first / acting like it wasnt going to load / i left the room for 15 minutes for a phone call and BAM it finally loaded / but it aint very impressive compared to the two links I just gave ya !!

When I called asus tech support (what a joke~~ why answer the phone if you not REALLY interested in curing the problem !!) The gave me the brush off / they brushed me so goooooood ~~~ I landed in the Abit sales room !!

I have bought nothing but Asus boards since 1998 / but not no more !!! as of lately I have been buying all Abit boards for my customers (freelance computer builder)


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