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Two iPads / One Gets Kicked Off

This is a discussion on Two iPads / One Gets Kicked Off within the Modems/Cable/DSL/Satellite forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. We are a 2 iPads Household, We operate from a Bell HiSpeed DSL WiFi Modem.. The Modem is in the

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We are a 2 iPads Household, We operate from a Bell HiSpeed DSL WiFi Modem.. The Modem is in the Basement, with both iPads running at the sametime chances are my Wife's will get Kicked Off the Internet.. She is forever after me to clear my Cookies (History & Website Data) which seems to help or prolong getting bounced off again.. I say She must have an App that is Interferring (???) Thoughts & Opinions Appreciated...
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It sounds like you need a "Quality of service" router. Or you need to find out if your router/modem combo supports QOS with a function similar to the linksys "Media Prioritization" service they have on their routers.

Basically what is happening with your connections is one iPad is drawing up more connection "bandwidth" than the other. Completely pinching off or clinching off the connection from the other iPad. Causing it to say "You are disconnected."

For example: On your iPad you begin to watch a youtube video in HD. the other iPad wants to watch netflix. Since both of these are connected to your wifi modem/router they are both requesting a lot of bandwidth. (Bandwidth is the measurement of data being sent and received. A youtube video in 720P HD for 5 minutes is around 260 MegaBytes. (Could be more/less but this is just a rough estimate) A netflix movie is 2.6 GigaBytes. (1 Gigabyte = 1,024 Megabytes.) So when the ipad accessing netflix is taking up bandwidth while the youtube ipad is trying to do the same a "Tug of war" happens with the connection. Where as the rope in this case is the Modem/Router. Who ever wants the most bandwidth wins the game. So the netflix user typically wins in every scenario. But this is only while data is being accessed.

Let's say there is a video gamer in your house using a PS4, or a computer, or even a gameboy playing online. The typical gamer uses upwards of 2 to 3 gigabytes of bandwitch per hour (Again this is a rough estimate, not factual.) And the data is constantly being accessed on the internet. Which means the data flow is always constant. So that tug of war match? would go to the gamer every time.

By enabling how much connection speed one wireless device receives over the entire bandwidth will fix this issue.

Look into the Modem/Router combo page by using a computer (preferably a wired connection) and access your modem page. Look through the settings and see if you have any QOS or media Prioritization settings on your router/modem page. If you do not you may need to buy a router. I suggest not spending any more that 75 dollars on a router but you may need to spend upwards of 125 depending on how many walls you have between your wireless devices and the router/modem.

All you need to do is figure out which "MAC Address" or ip number on the LAN (Local Area Network) is assigned to which device and set it up accordingly with that QOS page.

(You can find out the mac address of any wireless device simply but looking in the settings menu of your ipad andlooking up the information of the ipad. Sometimes it can be found in the wireless settings page.

Google result of "How fo I find my ipads mac address?": https://www.google.com/search?q=how+...hrome&ie=UTF-8 )

That is what is happening to your connection.
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My System

So it's only her iPad which is getting disconnected? Is she always using the iPad in the same location? Does you iPad stay connected in that location?

The situation noted above will typically only result in "slowness". Disconnections are typically hardware or signal related.

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The OP sent me a PM saying he tested their ipads right next to each other. One was playing a game on their ipad and he was just accessing theinternet. As soon as the game started playing on the other ipad his ipad lost connection completely. Usually with wireless combo router and modem units they can typically handle at least up to 5 devices connected at any given time. Especially if their signals are right next to each other. The only interference would be packet loss. Depending on the modem/routers ability to handle multiple devices on the same connection they would allow one to consume bandwidth for a certain amount of time whilst limiting the other wireless devices connection speed to what ever is left. Usually online video games only require 1.5 Megabytes per second to run properly with an upload of at least the same or greater. However some weird things have been happening with the now three different routers I posses. (WRT54G, EA3500, and now my new AC 1900) Where as the firmware typically shuts down one connection if there is not enough bandwidth to serve that connection with all of the others. Which is why QOS is now something that helps to solve this problem.

I remember when I would go to McDonnalds or Starbucks and try to use their wifi, my device kept getting bumped off the internet when I was trying to access amazon and what not. I had to keep retrying to connect.

I looked online and found something similar to this: https://www.linksys.com/vn/support-a...icleNum=140565

and it did not resolve my issue.

I think ACER a while back had an idea with their routers to sort of automatically split the bandwidth into separate channels to try and alleviate the connection evenly across all wired and wireless connections. Eventually cisco systems saw this same idea and turned it into Quality of Service. A simple fix in the software allowed multiple devices to connect simultaneously and keep the connection running.

Usually what you see on your device is that you are connected to the router, but you are not getting any bandwidth. And eventually an error occurs when trying to access data flow. Sometimes it will say the proxy server went out. Having issue connecting to the web address.

As soon as you turn on QOS it fixes the problem.

There was another site that showed what happens when one device is taking up bandwidth from the router wirelessly while other devices were trying to do the same. And it showed that the frequency would pinch off other connections completely based on how much bandwidth was being taken up at the time. So by setting up boundaries within the software to monitor this traffic and to only allow a certain amount fixed the issue.

So on this page at the very bottom outlines why it is important to have QOS when a video gamer is present:


When someone is sendingout traffic at high volumes it pinches off the connection from other devices. So by limiting that signals ability to sendout traffic it allows requests from other devices to be "heard."

I remember looking at that first link above trying to figure out if it was my signal that was weak when it was actually 3 or 4 out of 5 bars. Once I enabled QOS for my gaming setup it allowed everything to run smoothly.
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