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please help. persisting network issue.

This is a discussion on please help. persisting network issue. within the Modems/Cable/DSL/Satellite forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I am on ADSL, and for the past 3 weeks i have experienced EXTREMELY high pings, im talking 1000+. Very

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I am on ADSL, and for the past 3 weeks i have experienced EXTREMELY high pings, im talking 1000+. Very very occasionally for very brief periods of times it drops down to the normal 50-80 or so. When I take speed tests, it displays my usual speeds (before it got EXTREMELY slow). However, when I attempt to use gaming platforms such as Discord, League of legends, or Xbox Live, I experience pings of 1000+ constantly. It is unplayable. Please,Please,Please help me identify the issue immediately.
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Contact your ISP.

I will also point out that the speed and the ping are two different things. Ping is an indication of latency, or the amount of time it takes a packet to go to a destination and return to your PC. It doesn't matter if the speed of your connection is 512k or 1000MB, latency will be the same. Latency will vary by connection type, but not speed of the connection.
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To help you clarify your situation you need to take into account where your ISP's main office or connection is going to and how far away you are from that point. There are a lot of different factors that can affect your connection Ping and your connection speed. When it comes to PING you need to be close to the ISP's main server. AND this is something they do not tell you before you sign up: Depending on where you are located geographically is also a major factor as it may mean you are pretty far out there and getting an internet connection that has a great ping rate (of like 42 MS) may be impossible at this given point in time. ALL due to what hardware is installed on your current connection line.

I am not the best at explaining this in terms for anyone to understand but I will try. DSL, VDSL, and ADSL all require different equipment to send out and receive a signal for information. Some perform better than others. Depending on how many boxes are between you and the ISP's main server for your internet connection matters. PLEASE NOTE: the physical adress of where you bought your internet from at a store front and the physical address of your ISP's server are completely different. High pings in the 1000's plus without ever reaching a stable ping rate around 300 means you are pretty far out there. You may want to move closer to a city. If you are in a city but it is not a big city then it is a line issue between their server and XBL. Not much you can do as in this case it is out of the ISP's hand and into Microsoft's.

As far as connection speed that is signal strength alone. Getting a lot of packet loss may mean the boxes that communicate between you and the ISP are not great. Don't quote me on this as I am not an ISP operator**** But it is the only thing I can see hindering your internet connection. It could also be the current quality of the lines installed n your neighborhood.

Last but not least... Every single year. Every single time it gets closer to christmas. The internet goes out for many. I worked in a pretty big city for a restauraunt and every single year since I started working there the internet would just go out with DSL. It would just DIE. I am talking about having to write down credit cards and saving them until we had an internet connection back and running just to make sure we made sales. It happens every single year.

If you do not have any other options for an internet service provider please don't scream in their ears. They just don't have enough demand in your neighborhood. You may want to seek alternatives. If there is no alternative? Then all you can do is... move.
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