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Modem to router connection extremely slow

This is a discussion on Modem to router connection extremely slow within the Modems/Cable/DSL/Satellite forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Let me explain what has happened for the past 5 days. I was off of work for 1 day and

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Let me explain what has happened for the past 5 days.

I was off of work for 1 day and everything was fine. I went to work the following day.

I came home after work and it was raining. No thunder, no lightning. Just straight up raining. I turned on my new computer and I tried to access the internet. It said I was OFFLINE. But my modem and router had all the correct blinking lights. But no internet connection.

So before we begin I have the following:

PC Build: AMD 2700X, 550W PSU, RX580 GPU, Aorus Gaming 7 Wifi MOBO, 1TB HDD, 250GB SDD, and 250 GB M.2 Drive.

Total power consumption? 270W. Sometimes peaks at 302 W. (NOT connected to power surge protector.)

Power surge protector. Has my PS4, monitor, and both router and modem connected to it.

The modem I had is a Motorolla SB6141. But I bought a new Netgear CM5500.

The router I was using had been a Linksys EA3500. But I bought a brand new Linksys AC1900.

After several attempts at power cycling both my modem (SB6141) and my router (EA3500) it still would not connect to the internet.

Finally I decided to keep them both off and even factory reset the router. After I unplugged both and let the modem turn on first, connect, and stay solid I connected my router and plugged it back in. it finally connected.... But the speed of my internet now suffers greatly. I get on average an unstable 0.5Mbps to 1.5 Mbps.

Yesterday I got mad because a large update needed to be downloaded for my games and I decided to see if plugging my PS4 directly into the modem would work and VIOLAH. 5Mbps!

I said "Wow it is actually working!"

So I thought maybe it is just my Router that is suffering... Or maybe it finally died on me. After all this EA3500 is at least 10 years old.

When I attempted to access my Modem page through my router? It could not even bring up the page.

During this time a thunder storm did happen. But only this day, not the day previous.

So I went out and bought the AC1900.

I plugged it in and had everything set up and when it was finally go time:

1.5Mbps.... to 0.2Mbps... Unstable as F.

And I could not connect to my Modem page through the router at all.

I checked the modem status and everything was fine after directly connecting to it on my PC. All 8 channels were connected at expected strengths and all uploads were properly working. But then I switched back to the router connection and the problem persisted.

I even used the brand new network cables that came with the router. I even switched out the cables to my PC and my PS4. It is not the router, it is not the wires, it is not my PC or my PS4. It is the modem to the router.

What I believe happened is something happened inside of my Modem that caused it to just completely die. At least when connected to the router.

Upon calling my ISP I decided to plug in that new CM500. And I found out that an internet outage happened overnight. And it was due to power issues.

Right now I can actually access my modem page properly. I can actually watch netflix now through the router. And my PS4? it gets a strange .5 Mbps connection. but when I test the internet connection it tells me 4.7mbps (And yes I have QOS set up to 4444Mbps for my PS4 and my PC) However it still only gets me .55Mbps... When before it would give me the correct 4.7mbps.

Now I have port forwarding correctly in place on my router for all services on PSN and my games. And I have DMZ hosting set to my PC not the PS4. I tried switching them back and forth and powercycling my modem and router to see if it would speed things up but no.

For what ever reason my PS4 gets .5Mbps downloading anything. my PC is fine at 4.7 Mbps. And no I am not downlkoading or watching netflix at the same time as using my PS4 for gaming. Also one drive is disabled on my computer.

So I have no idea what happened but I do believe my SB6141 died at least a little bit inside. And now I have a new router modem combo.

So my question is... what happened? Why would the router not connect to the modem properly? Capacitor busted? Wires overheated? Is it the power surge protector? Should I get a new one? or is it something completely different? How can I stop this in the future?
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Upon checking my new modem's status page I am getting around 2.7-3.8 dbmv for downstreaming with an average of 42 SNR. upstream is around 41 dbmv.
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My System

If the speeds are normal when the computer is directly connected to the modem and the problem is only occurring when the router is used, then the problem is with the router.

As far as connectivity is concerned, the router will typically need to be power cycled (if already connected) or connected and then power on, after the modem is powered on. I just switched to a new Arris modem (provided by Charter), and if it is power cycled, the router will lose access. Access won't restore until the modem is online and the router is power cycled.

Speed wise, look at the port stats of the WAN port. With any newer hardware, I would expect it should be 1000/Full.

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I figured it out.... When the wireless setting is enabled with media priority set at 4444.... it give me about .5 mbps... I added another 4 to it and bam. back to normal.
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One other thing you may want to try is turning off the wireless broadcast by turning both WiFi networks off from the router. Which means going into the router page and switching the WiFi to OFF on both the 2.4 and 5.0 signals. Turn them off, then wait a minute and turn them back on.

Sometimes when you reset your wireless router it sets the wifi to high priority and the wired connections to a lower priority. Try turning them off and back on.
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