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How to configure Router to allow access to external Modem GUI while network online

This is a discussion on How to configure Router to allow access to external Modem GUI while network online within the Modems/Cable/DSL/Satellite forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi everybody, I have an issue with a Linksys router and a Draytek VDSL modem in so far as once

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Hi everybody,

I have an issue with a Linksys router and a Draytek VDSL modem in so far as once initially configured (direct Ethernet to the PC) I can no longer access the Modem GUI ( once the network is up. There is no problem with the Router access ( which remains accessible. The network (internet & LAN) functions as intended other than this minor problem.

The Router is a Linksys XAC1900 configured (by switching off the integral ADSL Power Modem - effectively to mirror the specification of an Linksys EA6900) to PPPoE VDSL. Internet access is through a Draytek Vigor 130 acting as an external VDSL Modem.

The Vigor 130 is connected to the XAC1900's 'Internet' (WAN) Port and the network distributed from the XAC1900 both via direct Ethernet, through a Linksys SE2800 8 Port switch and also through an Linksys RE6800 Range Extender to other remote locations around the house. Internet connection was instantly established and all locations function as before the upgrade to Fibre VDSL.

So now the problem....now that the network is up I can connect to the XAC1900's GUI via to make any configuration changes BUT NOT to the Draytek Vigor 130's GUI via it's access on

Therefore, to effect changes to the modem it is necessary to disconnect the modem from the router and to connect DIRECTLY to the PC. Incidentally, I require on demand access to the modem's GUI on the Network as it provides live line stats not otherwise available from the router.

Aside from this loss of useful information only possible when online, being as I am disabled this makes life extremely difficult as the modem resides underneath the desk alongside the telephone point through which the VDSL signal is brought in. This location is however ideal for many other reasons such that I would not wish to relocate it.....merely to access it via the network!

I am told that that this is possible and many other contributors report success in similar circumstances all be it with different modem/router combinations.

My research suggests that I should reconfigure the Modem's IP address to match the 192.168.1.x range of the XAC1900 and then add this to the router (as a static IP address??) but I am uncertain as to precisely which configuration steps are required in the router to achieve this......and any additional settings required in the modem?

All advice from anyone with the necessary expertise who can suggest the best way to proceed would be very much appreciated!!

Thanks to all in advance...

PC Pilot

NB. The various settings currently configured to both devices are offered below:


ROUTER SETUP - CONNECTIVITY (from GUI - Linksys Smart Wi-Fi)

Internet Settings Tab


Connection Type: PPPoE (Bridge Mode/Static IP/PPTP/L2TP are the other options)

Username: As required by ISP

Password: As required by ISP

Service Name: ISP

Connection Mode: Keep Alive Redial Period 30 Seconds

Power Modem Tab

Enable Power Modem: OFF

Local Network Tab

Router Details

Host Name: Tingewood

IP Address:

Subnet Mask:

DHCP Server: Enabled (checked)

Start IP Address:

Maximum Number of users: 50

IP Address Range: to

Client lease time: 1440 Minutes

Static DNS 1, Static DNS 2, Static DNS 3 & WINS: (All set to

Advanced Routing Tab

NAT: Enabled (unchecked)

Dynamic Routing (RIP): Enabled (checked)

Static Routing (added by me! probably incorrectly!!)

Route Name: Draytek Vigor 130

Destination IP Address:

Subnet Mask:


Interface: Internet



Dashboard Report

IPV4 Internet Access


Line/Mode: VDSL/ PPPoE IP Address: Disconnected (because of direct ethernet to access?)

MAC Address: 00-1D-AA--8D-38-79


DSL: Connected

WAN: Connected

LAN: Connected

Online Status

Physical Connection: IPV4

LAN Status Primary DNS: Secondary DNS:

IP Address: Tx Packets: 692809 Rx Packets: 1353990

VDSL2 Information (VDSL2 Firmware Version: 576D17_A/B/C)

Profile: 17A State: SHOWTIME Up Speed: 2001 (Kbps) Down Speed: 36019 (kbps)

SNR Upstream: 6 (db) SNR Downstream: 6 (db)

The Modem is configured as follows (these settings can easilly be changed):

PPPoE/PPPoA Client Mode

PPPoE/ PPPoA Client: Enable (checked) Disable (unchecked)

Default MAC Address: Checked

MPoA/Static or Dynamic IP

MPoA (RFC1483/2684): Disable checked

Bridge Mode: Enable Bridge Mode (unchecked)

Default MAC Address: Not checked

Specify a MAC Address: Not checked

DNS Server IP Address

Primary IP Address:

Secondary IP Address:

* Advanced DHCP Client Configuration options also available

Ethernet TCP/IP and DHCP Setup

LAN IP Network Configuration For NAT Usage:

1st IP Address:

1st Subnet Mask:

DHCP Server Configuration (not configured - server neither enabled nor disabled but default values as below)

DHCP Server Address: (Not filled)

Start IP Address:

IP Pool Counts: 200

Gateway IP Address:

Lease Time (s): 86400

Advanced Settings are also available

DNS Server IP Address

Primary IP Address: (Not filled)

Secondary IP Address: (Not filled)

Force router to use address for DNS: (Not checked)

IPV4 Management Setup

Router Name: Linksys-XAC1900 NB: User Configured from Dashboard Screen

Management Port Setup

User Define Ports: (Checked)

Default Ports: (Unchecked)

HTTP Port: 80 (Default: 80)

Device Management: (Checked)

Broadcast DSL Status to router in LAN: (unchecked)
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My System

Easy enough to test.

If the router is, then make the modem

To keep other devices from using that IP, just ensure manually assigned IP's are not in the DHCP pool. The DHCP pool is the range of IPs auto assigned by the router to devices connected to the network. Simply set the bottom of the range to an IP higher than the lowest assigned IP. In this case, that would be .3 I have my DHCP pool lowend at .100

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