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This is a discussion on Virus SYSGUARD.EXE - Norton Support within the Resolved HJT Threads forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. January 28 WARNING - VIRUS DWYKSYSGUARD - Do not purchase NORTON to help you! NOTE : See my conversation with

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January 28
WARNING - VIRUS DWYKSYSGUARD - Do not purchase NORTON to help you!

NOTE : See my conversation with Symantic "Norton" on a virus issue that got past their defense. You won't believe that they wanted to charge me to help resolve this problem. My chat describes what I did the previous day to fix the problem myself. Though not 100% sure I totally removed the virus I am not gettin the pop up adds to purchase software any longer. I hope this blog helps you decide what antivirus sostware NOT to purchase in the future.

Chat ID:

Problem : Virus on my computer DWYKSYSGUARD.EXE

advanced_tool_log: Email with reconnect link has been sent advanced_tool_log: If you get disconnected, click the link to reconnect to the same chat session.
Sreedivya: You are being transferred to Sreedivya.
Sreedivya: Welcome to NortonLive Spyware & Virus Removal Service.

Is this the first time you are contacting us?

Mr. Greg : Yes
Sreedivya: I need to collect some information to create a record in our system. This will help if we need to follow up with you or if for some reason we are disconnected.
Mr. Greg : Please see the next message I am going to send you. It was a post I just put on a web site regarding this virus problem.
Sreedivya: Please provide me your alternate phone number or mobile number.
Mr. Greg : My computer was infected yesterday 1/27/10 with this type of virus. The name was DWYKSYSGUARD.EXE. It was located in a direct called CFAPKR. The only way I was able to detect it was when I switched usr ID on my computer a pop up screen told me that this file was attempting to run and should I allow it or not. I said no. I then proceeded to find the file and deleted it and the directory it was located in. Today 1/28/10 my norton antivirus program identified two more attempts to infect my pc but stopped them both.

I hope this helps anyone who needs an easy fix or tries todiscover the problem file. NOTE that the internet posts this virus as SYSGUARD.EXE but the file on my PC had the prefix of DWYK added to the file name. This may be a new method of hiding the fact that it is a SYSGUARD.EXE file. Good luck to you all. I spent over 8 hours working to resolve this problem. I hope this helps you shorten the time.

Mr. Greg : No alternate phone number
Mr. Greg : Are you there???
Sreedivya: I understand your concern and assure you that our technicians will do their best to get this issue fixed. Please allow me to collect some general information for our records as that would help us to speed up the process. Thank you for your co- operation.
Sreedivya: Are you connected from the computer which has this particular issue?
Mr. Greg : yes
Sreedivya: Is your computer connected to a local area network or it is a stand-alone PC?
Mr. Greg : I have a home network.
Mr. Greg : Today I think I stet up protectin so that my computer files can not be accesseed from the network. I am not sure 100% though.
Mr. Greg : How long do you think this will take?
Sreedivya: The duration of troubleshooting depends upon the Technicianís analysis of the issue. More complex and intrusive threats may take some time to analyze and eradicate from your system. Once you have purchased your service the technician will continue to work on your computer until the issue has been eliminated.
Sreedivya: Once our technician has connected to your computer, you are free to go about your day while they work on your computer. Your computer will need to remain connected to the internet while they work.
Mr. Greg : What do you mean once I have purchased my service? I am helping you and your future users of your program. Are you thinking of charging me for my time?
Mr. Greg : My service was purchased wehn I paid for your program.
Sreedivya: As I understand from your issue description, your computer is infected with virus. Is that correct?
Mr. Greg : It was yesterday until I deleted it. Today my Norton has stopped two new attempts and fixed them.
Sreedivya: Your Priority ID is 497310061 . Please note down your Priority ID. If you need to contact us in the future about this issue, you can provide your Priority ID to the chat agent or enter it if you call. This will expedite our handling of your case.
Sreedivya: Do you have unfamiliar blinking icons or yellow triangles in the lower right hand corner of your desktop?
Mr. Greg : You are kidding me. I took the time to notify you of a very big problem that got past Norton and you are blowing me off like this.
Mr. Greg : No blinking icons or yellow triangles.
Sreedivya: Are you getting any alert messages like "Virus Alert", "Your Computer is infected", "Security Alert" etc?
Mr. Greg : No. I did not get that message yesterday or today. I looked at my activity in norton and saw the stopped intrusion message there.
Sreedivya: Greg, once there is an infection on your computer, it will normally try to spread to other files on your hard drive and to other computers/devices connected to your system. Most of the times, it creates or manipulates entries and keys in your windows registry. For these cases we need to manually remove the registry entries and also remove the infected files. Manipulating the registry is like brain surgery for your computer and is to be done with extreme care, since incorrect changes could mean that the computerís functioning could be altered potentially unchangeably. It is recommended that only highly skilled individuals make these changes.
Sreedivya: Not only does it cause your machine to slow down dramatically, it would also put your privacy and data in risk.
Mr. Greg : The Norton message I received today was "Trojan.FakeAV detected by Auto-Protect" Severity was high. Norton Quarantined the virus an stated action was resolved.
Sreedivya: Greg, since you get the information from Norton says " Quarantined the virus and resolved " you need not to worry.
Mr. Greg : This is the same virus that I had yesterday. Why is it still attempting to infect me? How long will this go on?
Sreedivya: If you would like to have a consultation with our virus removal technicians, then I can arrange one for you. Our technicians will be able to delete the infected files from your computer, we do have the Remote assistance facility, and if you permit us to take the remote assistance we would launch the remote assistance and help you to resolve the issue for you.
Sreedivya: Shall we proceed ?
Mr. Greg : YES Please
Sreedivya: There are multiple options for virus/malware removal available. The primary options are:
1. Do-It-Yourself (DIY) procedures available on the Norton Support website.
2. Fee-based Premium Services whereby Norton technicians remove infections.
Sreedivya: The DIY options on the Norton Support website provide step-by-step removal for most infections. however, the procedures often involve risky operations like modifying the Windows Registry. Highly technical users often find these instructions sufficient. Users who donít have experience with editing the Windows Registry, booting into Safe Mode, or modifying system files are often overwhelmed by the amount of new information that must be learned and used to remove infections.

For users who do not find the standard Norton Support options sufficient, Norton has expert technicians on staff who can remove infections for fee. Norton expert technicians will remotely access your computer and do all the dirty work while you relax. Also, as part of the service, the Norton experts will provide information about how to avoid infections in the future.
Mr. Greg : I already looked at the DYI options. I do not have the time to perform all the required steps myself. I am underemployed and my money is very tight. I can not afford to pay a technician any money to help me out. I would have expected you to stand behind your product and fix the virus that got passed your security. Another way to screw the consumer I guess.
Sreedivya: Greg, for the removal of the infections in the computer, I can provide you with two options which would be Virus removal service and Bundle service.
Sreedivya: 1) In Virus Removal Service, Norton expert technicians will remotely access your computer and do all the dirty work while you relax. Also, as part of the service, the Norton experts will provide information about how to avoid infections in the future.

The Consultation and the service fee for virus removal support alone is US $99.99.
Sreedivya: 2) In Bundle Service, it includes both Virus Removal Service and PC Power Boost service. The PC Power Boost is a sequential set of steps that ensures optimal performance of your computer. This service enables our experts to tune up your PC, through a remote connection thereby optimizing your computers speed and performance. By availing this service, you have the dual advantages of Virus removal and PC Optimization.

The Consultation and the service fee for Bundle service is US $ 139.99.
Sreedivya: Our work is backed with a 7 day warranty. You have a full week to work with your computer and ensure that the issue has been resolved to your satisfaction. You can contact us at any time during that period for a follow up consultation.
Sreedivya: After we remove the virus from your computer, our technician will also educate you on how to protect the virus from future threats. So you need not worry at all.
Sreedivya: Which option would you like to use, Bundle Service or Virus Removal Service ?

Mr. Greg : I just spent about 50 minutes dealing with you. My time is $200.00 and hour. The way I look at it is that you owe me about $60.00 and the Bundel service. How do you like my analysis?
Mr. Greg : I promis you I will blog the entire internet and let them know about the virus, how it got past Norton and how you wanted to charge me to fix it. You should be ashamed of yourself.
Mr. Greg : I will say a prayer for you that you fix the problem in your software soon so that other consuemer who purchase your product do not get hurt by this virus. I will also never purchase another product from Symantic.
Sreedivya: We can help you to resolve the issue only after processing the charges .
Sreedivya: Norton provides free online support that has 'step by step instructions' to remove the threats from your computer.

The free online support is available to you at

Type in the relevant threat name in the search box to view the relevant instructions.
Sreedivya: Is there anything else I can help you with?
Mr. Greg : Have a nice day! Go screw another consueme that purchased your product!
Sreedivya: If you need to contact NortonLive Spyware & Virus Removal Service again please visit https://www.symantec.com/vremoval

It has been pleasure assisting you. Thank you for choosing NortonLive. Have a great day.
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Hello and welcome to TSF.

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