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Video File playback Problems

This is a discussion on Video File playback Problems within the Windows XP Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi all, I'm seeking to finally solve my video playback issues, which I suspect are codec related. Firstly system specs:

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Old 09-29-2009, 03:33 AM   #1
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Hi all,

I'm seeking to finally solve my video playback issues, which I suspect are codec related. Firstly system specs:
Athlon 64 3200+ Processor 2.2 GHz
NVidia GeForce 6600 GT (256 MB)
Windows XP Home, SP3

I've had this problem with Windows Media Player for ages but wasn't too concerned as I downloaded VLC Player and used that for my video playback. However, I've just bought a Windows based game that uses WMP and I can't play it without now fixing my initial problem.....which is......When using Windows Media Player to open a video file (doesn't seem to matter what file-type) I get a green or black screen. Sometimes I see a glimpse of the video playback before the green screen kicks in. And sometimes if I flick away to another application full screen (e.g. Windows Explorer) and then flick back again to WMP again I'll get a glimpse of the video playback once more before returning to green screen.

Interestingly thumbnails do appear for most of the videos in Windows Explorer.

I've read about similar issues on this and other forums and have tried varying solutions including:
- uninstalling WMP 11 and going back to WMP 9 - no difference
- trying different codec packs (e.g. k-lite, DivX and XP)
- using g-spot to 'test' different codecs for certain files

I have recently used C-Cleaner. XP Video Decoder Checkup Utility suggests I currently don't (!) have a compatible WMP10 video decoder.

I've uninstalled Xp Codec Pack, and tried to unistall Divx, although the uninstall programme fails half way through so I suspect there are loads of remnant files in there. K-Lite is currently running.

GSpot says I have 244 codecs loaded (which is probably WAY too many) and I've tried to test a couple of files using it starting with MPEG-1 files. I go through the rendering process and try to 'test' them with no luck on any of the chosen codecs - despite gspot confirming most of them as 'OK'.

hilariously, or annoyingly (depending on how much I've had to drink), since mucking around with codecs the VLC Player is now suffering from similar symptoms. So now I can't play any videos....doh!

I recognise my amatuerish attempts to self-solve my initial problem has probably made things worse. So - anyone out there have an idea about how I move forward? I haven't been able to find anything out there which tells me how to remove unwanted codecs (even if I knew what they were). The Control Panel/Device Manager/Video Codec removal tool doesn't actually appear to do anything - I tried using it twice to delete all the codecs it identified.

How do I best 'start from scratch' and remove ALL codecs, prior to re-downloading WMP11? Would like to avoid a re-format of HDD if at all possible.

Thanks in advance!
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Old 09-29-2009, 04:29 AM   #2
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use CCleaner to uninstall as much of the codec's as possible.
Reinstall all video apps (WMP, VLC etc.) watch all the installation steps as carefully as possible when it gets to the codec's makesure all of the appropreate ones are Checked.

Reinstall these:


Try using this:

If doesnt work all i can think of is a reformatt. or windows repair.
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Old 09-30-2009, 03:13 AM   #3
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I've already carried out these actions, and was already trying WMP Classic. Thought I would re-install WMP11 and see what that did, however it came up with a strange error message as it tried to complete the install: Error: Too Many Secrets - The Maximum number of secrets that may be stored in a single system has beem exceeded. There was an Error Code number that came up but I've forgotten what it was.

At the time I plugged the code into microsoft's own support page and it didn't recognise it. After some digging on other forums it appears that it might be a Rootkit virus??? It has other symptoms in that it places adware on my google searches (not yahoo for some reason), and it stops a lot of AV programs from working (e.g. SuperAntiSpyware, Malwarebytes AntiMalware) - I can't get either to run now on my system. AVG Free isn't detecting any threat.

Any thoughts?
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Old 09-30-2009, 08:46 PM   #4
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Check the advanced overlay settings for your video card.
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Old 09-30-2009, 11:38 PM   #5
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*cough* or just reformat your computer and all your issues are solved!!!!
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