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USB Mic - Listen to Device?

This is a discussion on USB Mic - Listen to Device? within the Windows XP Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hey guys You know how in W7 you have an option to check off "Listen to Device" when looking at

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Hey guys

You know how in W7 you have an option to check off "Listen to Device" when looking at microphone properties, and by doing so it plays the sound directly through your desktop speakers?

Well, my question is, how does one accomplish this in Windows XP?

I have a webcam setup but I would like to listen to the sound directly. Preferably without having to run any software.

I can tell you my purpose if it helps:
I am using a webcam as a baby monitor. I use Flash media Encoder and Justin.tv to stream it. The nursery is only a piece of plywood away from my computer so it goes right through.
Now, I can play both video and audio through the browser when playing the feed in the browser. But there is a delay.
So in Windows 7 all I need to do is play the sound directly through the speakers and that way I don't have the problem of the sound being delayed.
Considering the video at night is useless because it's dark, I'm not worried about that delay. And during the day we can hear things fine so we can look over to the computer and see what we heard. (quite funny really)
Anyway...like I said, I'm trying to play the sound of the microphone directly over the computer speakers.
Does anyone know how to accomplish this?
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Older sound cards had two sets of input output controls. One for input and one for recording. You were able to turn on the mic and speakers at the same time. Wasn't very useful as you always got feedback. Don't know about your sound card but have a look. Maybe you won't have the feedback if you can get the mic far enough away.

Good Luck, jim
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All I have is an on-board card.
But I don't have a problem with feedback seeing as the webcam/mic is effectively in another room.

I think the problem I am having is mainly due to it being USB.
If it was line-in I think I would have options. I found instructions elsewhere to accomplish listening to the device directly but that instructions are all for "normal" microphones. (3.5mm jacks)

Like I said, I can hear the sound because it is being streamed but I have 2 problems with that.
1- it has a delay due to the streaming. (and for nights I would prefer the sound to come directly.
2- if our internet happens to go down then that means I would lose the sound. (the video always plays in a preview window so I keep it although it's not optimal, but without sound it is an issue)

I am aware I would be able to get a regular microphone but there's a mic in the camera so what's the point.
My other option would be to install W7, but I opted for XP because it is a somewhat older/slower PC.

So before I go for drastic measures I'd like to find out if I can play this USB mic directly through my speakers somehow.
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