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HP Pavillion DV8000 Shutting down

This is a discussion on HP Pavillion DV8000 Shutting down within the Windows XP Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. I want to go back to using My older laptop HP PAvillion DV800 with Windows XP, however I wiped the

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Old 06-18-2017, 12:04 PM   #1
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I want to go back to using My older laptop HP PAvillion DV800 with Windows XP, however I wiped the operating system out hoping to start over completely fresh. The reason i did this is to obviously wipe it clean but was also having problems with it randomly shutting down by itself. Now Iam trying to reinstall the operating system on it but it wont stay on or powered up long enough to run the whole disc through it. I was thinking it was maybe battery and/or power cord, but ordered new ones, i have the new charger but still having the same issues, the new battery has not arrived as of yet, but I have taken the battery off of the laptop and just tried using the power cord which works on all others I have used, but this still has not remedied the situation. I really want to get this bad boy up and running because its a kick *** laptop, wide screen 17" and all that fancy stuff including altec lansing sounds and speakers... Any thoughts????
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Old 06-18-2017, 04:25 PM   #2
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The only other options is to clean the fans and apply thermal paste to the cpu, buy new cooling fans.

Your local pc shop should do this for you and a new hard drive as your system is 12 years old.

sounds like it's overheating when you have it on hence the shutdowns.
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Old 06-18-2017, 05:33 PM   #3
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Ill check into that thanks. Im not sure how long it would take to heat up that much, but usually from it being cool over night it lasts maybe 10 min, although I have not noticed any significant heat source coming from it anywhere either... Thx ...
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Laptop are designed to shut down when they get to hot so that they don't start a fire.

Many old laptops have a layer of dust inside -- which acts as a blanket -- causing the laptop to get to hot and shut down.

One solution: Open it up and give it a thorough cleaning.
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The last Ubuntu live CD I downloaded had option to run memtest86 on CD boot up. I would give that a run just to ensure mem is still good if it's old hardware, also as others have said open it up and remove dust from the airflow pathand around the fan. A small thin paintbrush for cleaning and finish with isopropyl alcohol may be sufficient.

After you can get an XP OS installed, load "Core Temp" from ALCPU to keep an eye on your processor temp you may not need to do a deeper level of cleaning and servicing.

I have a laptop and after that tool confirmed it was running too hot so I had to do a more deeper servicing. That means, in my case, remove heat sink to get to fan (YMMV) and add few drops of machine oil to fan spindle (use a type used for sewing machine service) to improve it's slow spin. CPU fans are hard to reach and may need the heat sinks removed and re-pasted. I used Arctic Ice for paste and Tri-FLOW for the lube (goo.gl/M1VxRQ). If it is a fan issue then replacing that component may be simpler and if you have needed to repaste the heat sink you should get a much cooler running machine and you definitely need to keep an eye on the temp after servicing. Just follow the service guide for you model.
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