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This is a discussion on Computer Crashes within the Windows XP Support forums, part of the Tech Support Forum category. Hi, I was hoping for a little help here. I can run my computer for hours, I can leave it

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Hi, I was hoping for a little help here. I can run my computer for hours, I can leave it on all day if i want without any problems. But when i run certain games my computer hangs constantly. Counter-strike hangs a few times, not too often though. GuildWars and City of Heroes hangs constantly! I can't run CoH for more than 20mins usually without it hanging. Occasionally though I have no problems and it can run for hours. World of Warcraft hangs occasionaly although it isn't as severe as the other two. I can't access windows at all, the entire system locks up.

I've been trying to figure out the problem, at first I thought it was my computer overheating, so I installed an extra fan and adjusted the airflow as well as install a temperature sensor program. My CPU runs at 55-60C, while my MoBo runs at 30C. My 2 HDDs run at 35-40C and there are 2 other temperatures which I think may be my graphics card? They're 55-60C as well. In my Bios my computer is set to shut down at 85C. But if my computer was overheating wouldn't the entire computer shut down?

I also attempted to run drivercleaner on my video card drivers, and reinstall the newest drivers. Still having the same problem. I also cleaned up some files, defragged my drives. My memory should be fine, I'm running 2 512mb Corsairs. So I dunno, any suggestions?
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Hello and Welcome to TSF

Those seem to be all signs of an overheating issue.
Whats the watt on your PSU you have installed?
Reseat your video card and your memory. Take some canned air and blow out the fans inside the case and also the video card fan if it has one.
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Greetings milkman2500,
You didn't state whether you had SP1 or SP2. If you have just installed SP2, Microsoft published a list of Applications, Games etc. that were affected by SP2. There are online games that were also affected due to the Firewall Protection.

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I was using SP1 for a long time because I heard SP2 updated some annoying things. THe games continued to crash with it however, so i upgrade to SP2. And still having the same problem. I just bought a brand new Ultra XConnect 400watt atx power supply since my last one fried. And I also just recently cleaned my computer using compressed air and a vacuum. All fans are running as best as they can be. I am somewhat concerned over 2 things. First is possibly my video card, I was never happy with it when I bought it, and now it is getting quite old I think I should upgrade it although I don't really want to spend the money. I'm running an MSI Geforce4 Ti 4200 128mb. And the second problem I have is I recently removed my heatsink from my cpu to check the processor, and the I noticed the heatsink compound or whatever the sticky stuff is, seems to have mostly been used up somehow. I'm going to attempt to reapply some new compound to see if that helps.
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Does the computer run at all? Cleaning the system with a vacuum is a bad idea it generates a lot of static electricity and can fry your board faster than you can say supercalafragalisticexpialodocious

It really sounds like an overheating problem, and with your thermal compound being "used up" we have found a likely culprit. I recommend some Artic Silver (which can be found at your local best buy or radio shack for about $5.00), and all you need is a pea sized drop of it. 55-60C is a rather high temp, especially if that's idle...mine never gets above 55 under full load.

Just a note, whenever you remove your cpu heatsink you need to apply new thermal compound because the seal that is made between the two is broken and must be remade.

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