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BlackVue Watch Over Me – A BlackVue DR750S-2CH Car Dash Camera Review

By on October 24, 2017

Warcraft is well known for its many, many fantastic character quotes and sound effects. The sounds in the game are so iconic that they are still used today in many games outside … read more →

Elegant Networking – An eero Home WiFi System Review

By on October 10, 2017

I’ve been fortunate enough to have reviewed some of technology’s greatest inventions and some products that are perfect in every single way, though none of them have had a bigger impact on … read more →

Hypnotized by Music – An iClever XFree Mini Bluetooth Earbuds Review

By on October 1, 2017

Another Apple conference has gone by with an all-new iPhone for the next six months and the company still refuses to give back the headphone jack that some claim they stole in … read more →