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Install your favorite Linux Distro onto a USB key

By on May 31, 2013

Linux is a very powerful open source operating system that most people may be unfamiliar with it. The beauty of Linux is that there are separate “flavours” or “distros” of the OS … read more →

All you need to know about Monitor Displays

By on

When buying a new monitor there are so many different displays it may become confusing which one to buy. There are LCD, LED, and Plasma displays and to make matters even more … read more →

The XBox One

By on May 29, 2013

After a large marketing campaign and a live reveal stream Microsoft has finally graced us with information on their new console, strangely named XBox One. The Xbox One will make part of … read more →

All you need to know about 80 Plus

By on May 27, 2013

Have you ever wondered what those tiny 80 Plus stickers found on power supply units mean? Well in the following article I’ll be going over what each type of 80 Plus certification … read more →

Google reaches for the thousands

By on May 24, 2013

In the days leading up to Google’s I/O event last week, their stock shares tipped over $900 for the first time in history. This extremely high stock price raised the technology giant’s … read more →

How to Use and Enable/Disable ‘Safe Mode’ in Windows 8

By on May 22, 2013

If you want to boot into Safe Mode to try and fix any issue, you need to enable it manually because it doesn’t come enabled in Windows 8 by default. To enable … read more →

Need to Store 15GB on the Cloud? Neither do I.

By on May 21, 2013

About a week ago Google announced that Gmail, Google+ and Drive will be tripling their storage capacity from the standard 5GB to 15GB. The announcement was made just before their I/O Conference. … read more →

Review of the Microsoft Surface

By on

Is it a tablet, Ultrabook or laptop? When Microsoft first launched the Surface RT I was seriously surprised. There have been rumors for quite some time that Microsoft was thinking of getting … read more →

Google I/O 2013

By on May 17, 2013

Today (05-15-13) Google held its sixth annual Google I/O conference in the sunny state of California. The conference’s main audience was its 6,000 software developers where the company showcased many new products, … read more →

BackUp Apache and MySQL using scp / rSync and mysqldump

By on May 14, 2013

In the previous Tutorial we saw how to generate RSA key to authenticate the SSH connection with Server. In this specific tutorial we will present the process to realize our backup server … read more →

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