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Windows 8: Why can’t I play DVDs?

By on October 29, 2012

If you’ve looked at Windows 8 at all, you may have noticed that the standard version comes with a limited Windows Media Player that can’t handle DVDs. Is this the end of … read more →

Get ready for Internet Explorer 10

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18 months ago Microsoft released the 9th version of their web browser, Internet Explorer 9. IE9, for short, came with all new bells and whistles for the Internet as HTML 5 and … read more →

Windows 8 open to public

By on October 27, 2012

After huge hyping, testing, complaining, cheering on, loving, hating, and various other emotions and events happening around the new and completely different Windows 8, it has finally reached its retail release date. … read more →

Slow Motion/Fast Motion in Any Source Game

By on October 19, 2012

In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you how to use the host_timescale command in developer console to make your Source (Valve) game in any speed you want. This can mean slow motion, … read more →

Using an Anti-Virus Program

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One of the most well-known ways of protecting your computer from viruses and hackers is to use an anti-virus program. These programs scan your computer for malicious software and alert you to … read more →

Spice up your Sticky Notes

By on October 12, 2012

Sticky Notes, found in Windows 7 is a very useful tool. You can use them just like their paper counterpart. Unfortunately the default font is one of the ugliest the author has … read more →

Windows RT, aka Windows on ARM

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Microsoft is starting to seem like it might be slowly edging to an unwanted platform with RT. For those wondering, Windows RT (formerly known as Windows on ARM) will be a version … read more →