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Apple v. Samsung comes to an end

By on August 24, 2012

In April of last year, Apple filed a patent lawsuit against Samsung. Apple had claimed that Samsung has breached patented copyright infringements on Apple products such as the iPhone and iPad. Apple … read more →

India Blocks Content after Panic

By on August 23, 2012

India asked ISP’s to block over a hundred websites and restriced anyone from sending bulk SMS messages. This is in response to an outbreak of panic a few weeks ago when SMS … read more →

How to Setup a Netgear Dual-Band Router

By on August 22, 2012

This tutorial is based on my knowledge of configuring a Netgear Dual Band router connected to a Cable Modem. Also, the SSIDs and pass-phrases on the images are fictitious. Note: The Wi-Fi … read more →

Finding a New Email Provider and Keeping the Existing Web Host

By on August 20, 2012

Scenario:There’s no Exchange Server residing in the network and email (POP3) is hosted by an email provider. This company is also subscribed to an SMTP relay provider providing their relay due to … read more →

Google’s new MOTO

By on August 15, 2012

Google is laying off 4000 people from Motorola Mobility, after they bought the struggling business out a few months ago. Motorola is a very well-known company, a pioneer in cellphone technology and … read more →

Photoshop Tutorial: Hand colouring black & white photographs

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Expertise Level: Beginner to expert – the text below is written for primarily for beginners. Preamble This is a simple Photoshop tutorial on colouring black & white photographs. Many of us have … read more →

Verizon goes back to Unlimited

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As many of you may know from the TV commercials, Verizon has released a new mobile data plan, The Share Everything Plan. With many families moving all of their phones to smartphones, … read more →

Microsoft RT and why you can’t say ‘Metro’ anymore

By on August 14, 2012

The line between Netbooks, Notebooks and Tablets are slowly merging into one gigantic pool of confusion. Recently, with the release of Windows 8, Microsoft also announced a version of their software that … read more →

One small drop from a crane…

By on August 10, 2012

Having been flying towards Mars at a steady pace for 36 weeks, NASA’s Hi-tech, unmanned, planet-driving, automated explorer ‘rover’, dubbed Curiosity, landed this past Sunday on the red planet, and have already … read more →

The Do’s and Don’ts of Basic Internet and Network Security

By on August 9, 2012

How certain are you that no untrustworthy individuals or unauthorized activities can access your network? Are your network files safe? Do you have some security protection (software and hardware) to keep your … read more →

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