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Apple release Mac OS X 10.8

By on July 30, 2012

Last week we told you that Apple were rumoured to release their brand new Operating system upgrade, Mac OS X 10.8, on the 25th of this month, and according to the news … read more →

Australian Death Threat Text Scam

By on July 25, 2012

Starting on Monday, thousands of Australians were sent a text message simultaneously stating that they would be murdered unless they paid up five thousand Australian dollars (£3,311). Police believe the fraud is … read more →

TSF News Issue #1 Weekly Summary

By on July 22, 2012

Welcome to the first weekly review in the TSF News. Thanks to all the great contributions of some of the main news headlines in computing and technology worldwide. This week readers have … read more →

From ’85 to Windows 8

By on July 21, 2012

Microsoft has finally announced the release date for the newest iteration of their popular operating system. Windows 8 will be available from 26 October, as confirmed by unit leader Steven Sinofsky at … read more →

Apple Pay The Penalty

By on July 20, 2012

A UK judge had ordered Apple to publish announcements in various media stating that ‘Samsung did not copy the design of it’s iPad, according to the Bloomberg news agency. One announcement is … read more →

Texting overtakes Talking in the UK

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Phone users in the UK are more likely to text to one another rather than make a phone call, according to new research by Ofcom, an independent regulator and competition authority for … read more →

Google announces “Google Glasses”

By on July 19, 2012

A few months ago Google announced a new application for the mobile branch, Google Goggles. The application allows you snap a picture using your smartphone of, landmarks, books, text, contact info, artwork, … read more →

Mac OS X 10.8 ‘Mountain Lion’ To Be Released

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Apple has announced that it’s new OS X 10.8 ‘Mountain Lion’ will be released this month with strongly backed rumours that it will be on the 25th and available to upgrade to … read more →

Microsoft faces EU Anti-trust laws again

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For years now Microsoft has been dancing lightly around the European Union and its anti-trust regulations, and recently the two entities have been banging heads again. The EU has started an investigation … read more →

Steam store leaks – New apps on their way?

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If you’re a gamer the chances are that at some point you’ve used Steam, the online distribution platform developed by Valve. Whilst Steam is widely supported and praised in the gaming industry, … read more →

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