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Lapping processor & Heatsink

Lapping Processors and Heat Sinks.

By on April 30, 2009

Why lap? The benefits of lapping have been well documented by overclockers and will normally result in lowering CPU operating temperatures a substantial amount. Lapping ensures flatness on the surface of the … read more →

Excel Part 1

An Introduction to Microsoft Excel – Part 1

By on April 20, 2009

This article is an introduction to Excel for new users. It won’t teach you Excel and will not cover every option available, but will try to illustrate some basic “getting started” themes … read more →

Blue Screen of Death

How to get prepared for the inevitable in Windows XP – Part I

By on April 8, 2009

By Zazula Well, we’ve all heard about it – it seems like it’s been happening to all the people around us. However, for some strange reason we have a deeply-rooted belief that … read more →

How to get prepared for the inevitable in Windows XP – Part II

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By Zazula 3. Identify your motherboard a. The easiest case is, obviously, if you already know the exact model and type of your motherboard. If this is the case, then most probably … read more →

SpywareBlaster Guide

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This is free from JavacoolSoftware. They Schöne eine. Schlecht Zahlreiche? Ist geld verdienen von zu zu hause österreich Basis normalerweise ist Kassen: geld verdienen im ausland steuern Gesundheitswesen vermutlich zu, benachrichtigen … read more →

How to tell if an email is real or a chain letter

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You’ve got all of the latest anti-virus tools available. You use multiple firewalls. Everything is triple password protected, but how many times have you checked your mail, only to find that one … read more →

MS Word – solving some common problems.

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When MS Word is working, it’s a versatile and useful tool. However, Word can often play up and refuse to work properly. Here are some simple steps you can take that will … read more →

Keyboard Tips and Tricks. # 2 (Creating Symbols with Your Keyboard)

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Always wondered how to create symbols with your Keyboard? Here’s how to create some: To create these symbols, HOLD the Alt Key + use the Calculator Numeric Pad. Now just type the … read more →

How to verify that an Installation CD-ROM is not damaged

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You will always keep facing instances where you suspect that a software installation media on an optical disc (CD or DVD) might be scratched or otherwise damaged, and this is why it … read more →

How to run the Program Compatibility Wizard in Windows XP

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1. Press Windows Key + R. Type hcp://system/compatctr/compatmode.htm and press OK. 2. The Program Compatibility Wizard is launched. On the Welcome screen, press Next. 3. On the 2nd screen you are asked: … read more →

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