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Getting the most out of your Windows XP based system, with optimisation

By on January 29, 2009

Before beginning this tutorial please create a system restore point: Go, Start > All Programs > Accessories > System Tools > System Restore. Click on ‘Create a restore point’; click ‘Next’, then … read more →

How to Post a Screenshot

By on January 28, 2009

This guide has been updated! Please view this copy here. A picture is worth a thousand words, so it is said, and on many occasions it can help the person helping you … read more →

Computers Unplugged: The Benefits of Cordless/Wireless Peripherals

By on January 27, 2009

Most people don’t remember the days before the TV remote control, the cellphone, the remote keyring device to unlock your car, open the garage door or set the security alarm. In the … read more →

The Sims 3: A New Generation of The Sims

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Sim lovers rejoice as a third installment of the addicting game prepares for release in early June 2009. Indeed the popular game, already available on pre-order, is set to hit shelves just … read more →

What is WordPress?

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WordPress is a free, open source Content Management System (CMS) that lets users quickly and easily create websites, primarily blogs. Development and maintenance is led by Matt Mullenweg, Donncha O’Caoimh and Ryan … read more →

Make Your Website Standout with a Favicon

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The favicon is a tiny image that replaces the typical browser link image with a recognizable icon that signifies your branded website. Although the favicon isn’t a requirement for website design, it … read more →

Exploring Google Chrome

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The Internet is full of fast moving, competitive technology. Amazing new products and software are constantly being developed, and the competition between companies to create the best and most attractive product is … read more →

Vista and Windows 7 Snipping Tool: a Handy Accessory

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Window’s new Vista operating system has had a mixed reception from computer buffs and home users alike, but whatever your verdict, it has some great features. The Snipping Tool is a simple … read more →

Healthy Computer Use: Best Practices For All Age Groups

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It’s not true that computers themselves emit dangerous radiation and can cause epilepsy or miscarriages. It is true that our bad computer habits can be bad for health – and most of … read more →

Review: The Chronicles of Riddick: Assault on Dark Athena

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Assault on Dark Athena is a game that begs to be recommended on the shoulders of its source material but ultimately fails to live up to the very character which it tries … read more →

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