Printing Perfection – An HP Color LaserJet Pro MFP M477fdw Review

By on March 28, 2016

Remember the days when a fax machine was used? What about the time when you needed a printer, scanner, and a copier? Well, all of those items, surprisingly, are still needed, but … read more →

TSF Hardware Team’s Recommended Builds – 2016

By on December 12, 2015

Welcome to the 2016 Recommended Build Guide Custom Intel and AMD PC Builds Outstanding Quality, Outstanding Performance, Outstanding Value   For those interested in building their own computer, please visit our 2016 … read more →

The Ultimate Solid State Drive – A Samsung EVO 850 120GB SSD Review

By on November 15, 2015

Personal computing has advanced considerably when compared to the original Altair 8800 that Bill Gates used in the Seventies to demonstrate Altair BASIC, the first program to be sold by the newly … read more →

Control your PC from afar – A Logitech k400 Plus Review

By on October 23, 2015

In my most recent review, I took a look at the Amazon Fire TV Stick, and I said that Americans are now seeking to move away from the cable and satellite TV … read more →

An Extreme Performer – A Kingston HyperX Savage Solid State Drive Review

By on August 28, 2015

Following the demise of the tape drive, floppy drive, then the CD, the traditional hard drive has been holding computer data since the beginning. With large internal circular disks that contain billions … read more →

Incredible Wireless Capability – An XClaim Xi-3 Wireless Access Point

By on August 25, 2015

Restaurants, coffee shops, gyms, schools, hotels, malls, and many other public gathering locations all contain one important necessity in today’s world and that is access to the World Wide Web. Over the … read more →

Advanced Gaming – A Beyerdynamic MMX 300 Headset Review

By on August 12, 2015

Did you know that in Warcraft III, sleeping creeps have a snoring effect when you walk up to them? Or perhaps that games like Battlefield and Call of Duty implement footstep noises … read more →

New and Revamped – A Noctua NH-D15S and NH-C14S CPU Cooler Review

By on August 4, 2015

During June and October of 2014, Noctua released their two largest air CPU coolers to the PC market. With massive heatsinks, large copper piping, and two 120mm fans to push air, it … read more →

Console Gamers Stay Cool – An Antec X-1 Xbox One Cooler

By on June 19, 2015

With the beginning of E3 (Electronic Entertainment Expo) starting a little while ago and with the latest Xbox One news, you may be enquiring on whether or not to take a venture … read more →

Ready to be overclocked – A Kingston HyperX Fury Memory Review

By on May 22, 2015

Random Access Memory (RAM) is used for a fast storage location for applications to utilize in completing certain tasks. There are hundreds of different brands and models to choose from, but not … read more →

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