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PC Safety and Security – What Do I Need? – Updated

By on March 29, 2014

Please note that this article has been updated.  You can find the article here  

Is Your PC Running Slow…?

By on March 2, 2014

Version control – v2.0 – dated November 2010 Version control – v2.1 – dated April 2012 – updated SysInternals link Version control – v2.2 – dated March 2014 – general updates, links … read more →

Malwarebytes – Keep on Biting

By on April 18, 2013

You may be aware of the issue with Malwarebytes Anti Malware (MBAM) and the crashed systems it has left behind.  I’m a MBAM user and have been for years.  The programme is … read more →

Google and Mozilla – 2 sides of the same coin?

By on March 26, 2013

I heard some interesting things about both companies recently.  Google are removing add blocking apps from their App Store while Mozilla plan to block third party cookies in a future release of … read more →

Copyright – A Law Out Of Time

By on March 11, 2013

I heard the other day that The Pirate Bay is now operating from North Korea – turns out to have been a hoax of course, but it did set me thinking about … read more →

Automatic Updates – Good or Bad?

By on March 5, 2013

Nothing much has caught my eye recently, until I saw Windows Automatic Updates causing chaos again. As a Security Analyst I usually recommend that users keep Windows Updates set to “Install Updates … read more →

Java – Time To Wake Up And Smell The Coffee

By on January 14, 2013

You have no doubt heard about the latest problems with Java and the zero-day exploit, where just visiting a malicious link could lead to an infection.  Oracle, to their credit, have rushed … read more →

The Throwaway Society

By on January 11, 2013

I was reading the other day about the amount of food that is thrown away and wasted, when so many in the world are starving.  This started me thinking about technology and … read more →

A Funny Thing Happened On The Way To The Forum…

By on January 6, 2013

I’ve been meaning to blog about this for a while – so here goes. Forums such as TSF are extremely popular. Users can find help and assistance with almost any PC problem, … read more →

Malware in 2013

By on January 2, 2013

I’ve been doing some crystal ball gazing and thought I would share with you my thoughts for the year ahead. Judging by the way that mobile malware has been increasing over the … read more →

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